Michelle Obama Joins Clintons and Biden on Air Force One – What Does it Mean?

1000 Words / shutterstock.com
1000 Words / shutterstock.com

If you’ve heard the rumors, you know quite a few have speculated in recent months and weeks that Joe Biden will soon be replaced on the Democratic ticket by a much younger and more popular soul. One such name has been Michelle Obama – despite the fact that she’s said she wouldn’t want such a role.

But recent events only seem to point to that possibility even more.

It happened on Tuesday when Michelle joined both Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with Joe Biden, on Air Force One as they traveled to the funeral of former first lady Rosalyn Carter in Georgia. Oh, and it is specifically noted that Barack Obama was not present on the flight.


Naturally, this has sparked all kinds of talk.

It would be one thing if Michelle traveled with Barack on Air Force One. But since she did so solo, it raises a number of questions and possibilities.

One is unsurprising that this is somehow proof that Barack is, in fact, the puppeteer behind the Biden administration. As the real national leader, perhaps he was too busy to make an appearance at Mrs. Carter’s funeral.

If you remember, Barack once admitted that he loved being president so much that he wished he could run for a third term or at least serve as president for longer, if only from behind the scenes. And many believe that he got exactly that wish when Biden was elected first as the Democratic nominee and then commander in chief in 2020.

I mean, who actually believes that Biden, a man who can’t even remember where he is and where he needs to go most of the time, is making the big calls on national policies? People have speculated for some time now that someone has been doing all that for Biden, simply letting him be the face of their operation.

However, as we can all tell, that face is deteriorating faster by the day.

Therefore, the party is going to need a new face soon, and one that people will actually believe is doing the work.

Now, to be sure, Michelle Obama is not the only possible Biden replacement. You’ve seen how the DNC has been trotting California Governor Gavin Newsom about, right?

But there are problems with Newsom, namely that he’s ruined his own state. Naturally, this leaves most questioning whether his liberal policies would do the US any favors.

Enter Michelle Obama.

Not only was she already in the White House, but she’s a woman and one “of color,” ensuring she checks all the right boxes. She’s also much younger at age 59 than Biden, meaning she has plenty of time to supposedly give to the nation.

Oh, and as a former first lady, she is already beloved by many, with most seeing her as somewhat of a social and cultural icon.

Now, as I mentioned, she’s noted on several occasions that she wouldn’t want the job that accompanies the Oval Office and, therefore, will not be running. But it’s also not hard to imagine her being persuaded by the party or her husband – especially if it means she won’t be doing the job so much as Barack is.

In any case, Michelle fits the bill perfectly, both for giving the public a more likable face and being someone who Barack can still manipulate and bend to his will.

And with her now taking solo trips with the Bidens and other White House has-beens, it certainly looks like the possibility of a Michelle presidential run isn’t too far off.

Of course, with the primaries to begin shortly after the first of the year, there is still time. It has been suggested by more than a few political experts that the thing to do, should Biden, in fact, be replaced before the general election, would be to wait until after the primaries, when Biden has supposedly already won a good number of electorates. Then he’ll simply bow out, offering those won electorates to a person of the DNC’s choosing.

Then Michelle, or whoever they choose, will just have to run in the general election, presumably against Donald Trump, as he is the leading GOP candidate by a long shot.

What do you think? Will Michelle run?