McCarthy to Leave Congress After Being Ousted from Speakership?

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Consolidated News Photos /

Rumor has it former and ousted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is not transitioning well in his new role. Rumor also has it that he might be on his way out of Congress altogether.

Now, to be clear, this is not a completely new speculation. Ever since he was cut from the speakership, there have been whispers of just what his role in Congress will be and how long it will last. Considering the slim majority the Republican Party holds in the House, most would probably like to see him stay.

However, congressional insiders have noted that he does seem a bit discontent. He’s even started a few problems in the party.

And now, there is a picture he posted to his Instagram account that seems to show him packing up his district office.

The image shows McCarthy in his office holding the leashes of his two dogs, known to accompany the former speaker to work on occasion. The caption notes this: “Teddy and Cash helping out at the office. Then and now.”

But it’s what else can be seen that draws speculation.

While McCarthy’s desk still appears to be crowded with a computer, plaque, and the usual officer supplies, the rest of his office seems strikingly bare. There are pictures stacked on the floor along one wall as if they’ve recently been taken down, and even part of a cardboard box can be seen.

All in all, it appears that his office is being cleaned out and packed up.

This also comes after a message from McCarthy himself about unsure if he will run for reelection, which has to be decided by December 8.

“I have another week or so to decide because if I decide to run again, I have to know in my heart I’m giving 110 percent. I have to know that I want to do that. I also have to know if I’m going to walk away, that I’m going to be fine with walking away.”

Ummm, yeah. There’s definitely a reason for speculation, I’d say.