Car Dealers Beg Joe Biden to Quit with the Electric Vehicle Garbage Already — Americans Aren’t Buying

Iryna Inshyna /
Iryna Inshyna /

The non-existent demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) has stalled out so badly that car dealers are now begging Joe Biden to abandon his insane Green New Deal. In a development that’s not surprising to anyone with common sense, American consumers have no interest in purchasing vehicles that only rich people can afford to own and operate. Executives from car dealerships across the country have sent a joint letter to Biden calling on him to abandon this insanity before it causes any more damage to the American auto industry.

The letter from car dealership executives calls on Joe Biden “to slow down your proposed regulations mandating battery electric vehicle (BEV) production and distribution.”

The Biden regime wants to force two-thirds of all Americans to pay for and drive electric cars by the year 2032. Regulations that have already been imposed by the Biden regime, via executive order and without an Act of Congress, are starting to mandate new electric vehicle standards and to force car dealerships to sell these toys that only rich people can afford.

“Electric vehicle demand today is not keeping up with the large influx of BEVs arriving at our dealerships prompted by the current regulations,” wrote the executives. “BEVs are stacking up on our lots.”

Dealers note that interest in additional BEVs has plummeted to basically zero at this point. No one walks onto a car lot and asks to test drive one of these things. Everyone who wants an electric vehicle already has one at this point, and many of those current owners despise the entire experience of owning one.

The dealers also list a variety of reasons why consumers don’t want electric cars—and they’re the experts who would know.

For one thing, Americans are basically decent and moral people. They don’t like to buy products that are sourced from materials that are mined with forced slave labor from black children in Africa. Well. Many Democrats don’t mind, but they’ve always been down with that. Most mentally healthy people, however, find it morally repugnant that the electric car industry is obtaining materials for its batteries through child slave labor.

There also aren’t enough charges to meet demand at this point. Who would want to live with the hassle of being unable to make a cross-country trip at a much slower pace, due to lack of charging stations? Or worse, get stuck in the middle of nowhere and need to call a tow truck because their EV ran out of juice?

The stability of the entire power grid for the country is another issue dealers are trying to get through Joe Biden’s thick skull. It takes tremendous amounts of electricity to charge a BEV. Third World states like California already have power grids that are strained beyond what they are capable of producing. Without additional electrical capacity, these states run the risk of having even more frequent brownouts and blackouts.

In addition to the expense of purchasing an electric car, people are coming to the realization that simply owning one is a major cost. Repairs for a BEV can easily run into the thousands of dollars. One Scottish Tesla owner received a bill for $21,000 to replace his car’s batter earlier this year after it rained. The cost for the electricity to recharge a BEV right now, thanks to Bidenflation, would be the equivalent of paying $17 a gallon for gas.

The final reason cited by car dealers is perhaps the most important one. Americans want choice. If these toys for rich people ever become affordable or practical to own, and they are no longer sourced through the use of slavery from black children, Americans will choose to buy them. In the meantime, gas-powered vehicles are their preference.

Unfortunately, it’s not like Joe Biden is going to start listening to the auto industry now. He didn’t listen to them in the first place when he imposed his mandates from his throne.