Frantic White House Issues 23 Pages of “Fact Checks” for Impeachment Inquiry

Orhan Cam /
Orhan Cam /
In September, fueled by mounting evidence proving corruption in the highest office in the land, then-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy called for the House to begin the process of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.
In record time, the White House created a 16-page “fact-checking” memo and circulated it to the media, demanding liberal news organizations “ramp up” their “scrutiny” of House Republicans for initiating the process.
The document was a piece-by-piece dissection and “rebuttal” of the evidence collected by the House Oversight Committee. In the memo, the White House repeatedly called the evidence “unfounded,” even alleging that it was “actively disproven.”
At the time, Ian Sams, a key advisor at the White House, emphasized the role of the media in examining assertions made by House Republicans regarding the investigation. He pointed out that merely echoing Republican statements and subsequent White House reactions would neglect the press’ duty to inform the American public, which depends on the “unbiased press” to ensure those in authority are held responsible.
In other words, Sams demanded the press run with the White House version of events rather than the truth. So far, the strategy has been working as planned.
But less than three months later, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) has announced even more damning evidence against the Biden family, including testimony, bank records, and proof that the investigation is being “stonewalled.”  The evidence has snowballed so much that the White House was forced to release an additional five-page memo on December 1, followed by an 18-page amendment on December 4.
As before, the memos claim that House Republicans have no evidence regarding President Biden’s role in his son’s foreign business dealings. The administration continues to assert that the investigation is politically motivated and has no facts to back it up.
The third memo reads, “Again and again, James Comer and other extreme House Republicans have shown that they are pursuing a baseless impeachment stunt — despite revealing no evidence of wrongdoing by Joe Biden — in a relentless effort to smear the President.”
The Big Guy has repeatedly denied involvement in his son’s “pay for policy” schemes, although his story has changed numerous times. Initially, Biden claimed not to know about Hunter’s business dealings. Once photos and other evidence that showed the President hobnobbing with foreign business executives were discovered, he changed his claim. Biden then asserted that he “never spoke” with his son about the corrupt business deals, but this claim was again challenged.
Following the discovery of emails from Hunter showing his father looped into multiple business-related conversations, the President now claims that he was “never in business” with Hunter. And the press rolled with whatever the day’s talking point was, no questions asked.
The White House seeks any opportunity to refute the evidence, including calling the investigation’s legitimacy into procedural doubt. The House has technically been conducting an impeachment inquiry since McCarthy first announced his intentions, but the White House and Democrats argue that the investigation lacks legitimacy because no formal vote had been taken to start the inquiry. Additionally, the memo pleads for the media to consider that an impeachment does not have the full support of all House Republicans.
The five-page memo, titled “Mountain of Evidence Shows No Wrongdoing by President Biden,” focused on Republican’s claims that Biden was involved in a bribery scheme related to his son’s former employer and challenged the claim that Biden’s brother paid him money as part of a bribe or money laundering scheme.
However, recent evidence shows that several of Hunter Biden’s bank accounts were flagged by a bank expert for activity that suggested money laundering activities. This is just one bit of evidence the Biden administration is attempting to refute through the release of the additional 18-page memo titled “House Republicans are Basing Their Biden Impeachment Stunt on False Claims That Have Been Repeatedly Debunked.”
It’s hard to imagine why Democrats are fighting this hard to circle the wagons around President Biden, especially if the claims are unfounded. An impeachment will never pass the Democrat-controlled Senate, rendering the entire investigation fruitless. If Biden confessed to his corruption, Democrats would label it as one of his “charming verbal gaffes.”
Fact-checkers only fact-check when something threatens their messaging, and the Biden administration appears to be “thirty-nine pages of fact-checking” worried. It’s getting colder in Washington, D.C., but things are starting to heat up for Biden and the White House.