We Surrender! Miss Universe Accused of Plotting to Overthrow the Nicaraguan Government

SPhotograph / shutterstock.com
SPhotograph / shutterstock.com

Congratulations are in order for Nicaraguan model Sheynnis Palacios after she was crowned Miss Universe 2023. She deserved it since she is a biological woman and not one of those dudes pretending to be a woman who is winning all the beauty pageants these days. Plus, she’s a total smoke-show. But in a twist that no one saw coming, the 23-year-old Palacios is sticking around in New York since she has been accused of trying to topple the Nicaraguan dictatorship of Daniel Ortega.

After Palacios became the first Nicaraguan woman to ever be crowned Miss Universe, social media sleuths uncovered pictures of her attending anti-dictatorship protests in her home country in 2018. That made her even more popular, but it caught the attention of the Ortega regime.

Nicaraguan beauty pageant director Karen Celebertti has had to flee the country because Ortega has accused her of plotting to topple his reign over the country. Nicaragua’s secret police have charged Celebertti with conspiracy, and she has reportedly fled with her family to Mexico.

Celebertti has been accused of rigging Nicaragua’s beauty pageants in a convoluted plot to overthrow the Ortega regime by ensuring that an anti-government model like Ms. Palacios would win. We’re not exactly sure how a group of smoking-hot beauty contestants were going to overthrow a Central American dictatorship, but we’d totally pay $14 for a ticket to see that movie.

It’s sort of like the story about how the mostly peaceful protesters at the January 6 kerfuffle were going to topple the American government by leaving all their firearms at home. It doesn’t make any sense. But when a dictator like Joe Biden or Daniel Ortega tells you something, you have to pretend to believe it or else.

On the bright side, Sheynnis Palacios is staying in America for now. You can’t really blame her. Who would deliberately go home if they knew they were going to be thrown in a Nicaraguan jail on trumped-up charges?