British Schoolkids Being Taught Blatantly False History of ‘Black’ Britons

Serhii Makitruk /
Serhii Makitruk /

No matter how bad you think the woke public school curriculum has gotten here in America, it’s even worse in the UK. British teaching materials are now actively “blackwashing” historical Britons by claiming, with no evidence at all, that they were actually secret sub-Saharan Africans. It’s truly bizarre since historic Britons are actually whiter than a Miracle Whip sandwich in Elizabeth Warren’s pantry. In the latest shocking example of blackwashing, elementary school curriculum in the UK is teaching that St. Hadrian was a black man.

St. Hadrian was the abbot of Canterbury during the Dark Ages. Not to be confused with the Roman emperor Hadrian, who built Hadrian’s Wall in the middle of the UK. St. Hadrian is being described in the elementary curriculum as a “black” scholar. That’s a completely false statement. Hadrian was ethnically Libyan, meaning he was tanned but white. He could be a news anchor for Univision if he were alive today. There’s no circumstance in which an honest person could describe St. Hadrian of Canterbury as black.

The compulsive search for lost black Britons is not only embarrassing, but it weakens and distorts the truth value of the claim being made,” says Dr. Alka Sehgal-Cuthbert, the director of a race relations group called Don’t Divide Us. “This is bad enough for content aimed at adults. For school purposes, where the main aim is to educate the young, it is unconscionable.”

Well, of course, it is. That’s the point.

Buried in the subtext of all this blackwashing of white historical figures is an unstated claim:

White barbarians must have colonized England and driven out all those black scholars and scientists who owned it first.

It teaches the different races of children to hate one another. In public school systems as diverse as ours are, thanks to mass immigration in the 21st century, is it really such a great idea to be teaching race hatred to elementary students? This toxic poison of wokeism is doing real damage to the psyches of kids that will last an extremely long time. Little kids barely even notice that they are of different races if you just let them play and be kids together. When you teach them that whitey is out to get you, they grow up with a very different attitude toward each other.

This thing with St. Hadrian isn’t an isolated incident in the UK, either. Previous reports showed that elementary curriculum was teaching kids that the Roman emperor Septimius Severus was a “black Briton.” He wasn’t black. He wasn’t even British!

When the ancient remains of a woman were uncovered near Sussex, the BBC and woke British historians were quick to claim that she was the “first black Briton” because there were remains of curly black hair with the bones. The BBC even installed a plaque commemorating the historic find of the first black woman in the UK. Except when they did DNA testing on her, it turned out she was from the island of Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. She wasn’t even vaguely black, and the BBC quietly removed the plaque. We hope they were at least a little bit embarrassed.

Hollywood is getting in on this insane action as well, which you’ve probably noticed. Many major white historical figures have been replaced by black actors and actresses, for nonsensical reasons. Historical figures like Anne Boleyn, Carthaginian general Hannibal, Isaac Newton, Cleopatra (who was Greek), have been turned into black people for reasons that are baffling to sane people.

The whole thing is insulting to both blacks and whites and leads to nothing but resentment. That must be the point.