Biden Losing Biggest Ally: Liberal News Outlets Are Reporting the Truth 

Jim Vallee /
Jim Vallee /

The Biden administration is watching helplessly as some liberal news organizations are deserting his sinking ship. The White House is slowly acknowledging that it is losing its grip on media and is taking the necessary steps to regain control of the narrative and formerly supportive news organizations. 

In September, The White House Counsel’s office sent a letter to major news organizations, including CNN, the New York Times, CBS, the Associated Press, and Fox News, instructing them to intensify scrutiny of House Republicans for launching an impeachment inquiry based on what the letter claims are lies. Despite the House Oversight Committee’s findings, the letter suggested that news organizations should question the credibility of the evidence presented by House Republicans.  

More recently, the Biden administration circulated numerous pages of “impeachment fact checks” designed to give the media talking points to parrot when faced with legitimate arguments from conservatives. 

Up until now, liberal news sites were more than happy to comply. Article after article cited the “unfounded and baseless” impeachment effort of the sitting president by House Republicans, even as evidence continued to mount supporting the investigation and public sentiment was shifting to a negative view of Biden’s involvement in his son’s corrupt business deals. 

Historically, the media obligingly defended Biden’s horrific policy decisions, from the economy to the open border.  

But recently, quiet stirrings among Biden’s previously loyal media fanbase suggest a shift from blind adulation to something resembling the truth. 

It started in the White House Press Briefing Room when liberal reporters began questioning Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, seeking honest answers instead of the previously acceptable diversions. The free ride of positive press has been dwindling, and Jean-Pierre now snaps at liberal journalists from the alphabet networks and established liberal news organizations as if they were from Fox News. It’s no walk in the park for KJP; she now has to work to maintain the status quo during her briefings. 

Some intrepid liberal reporters are daring to question Biden’s border, the escalating Hunter Biden scandal, and even Bidenomics.  

CNN’s Phil Mattingly challenged the White House’s Ian Sams over Biden’s shifting statements regarding his involvement in his son’s business affairs. A surprised Sams clapped back, accusing Mattingly of repeating “Republican” views. 

But Mattingly refused to back down, pointing out Hunter Biden’s recent statement, “My father was not financially involved in my business.” Mattingly noted that this was, once again, a contradiction in Biden’s original stance of “not knowing” Hunter’s business deals, to “not talking to my son” about his business deals, and most recently, his claim that “I was not in business with my son.”  

Sams repeated that Biden was “not in business” with Hunter and said that Mattingly was playing games with semantics, just like House Republicans. But Mattingly grilled Sams to the point of frustration, and he is not the first liberal journalist to start questioning Biden’s claims. 

CNN Reporter Harry Enten raised worries about the economy, pointing out a decreased disposable income and unchanged wages under the Biden presidency. Although he noted that some economic indicators show positivity, Enten highlighted that despite minor job numbers improvements, there is a decline in labor participation rates. 

Enten observed soaring prices for essential goods and decreased wages since Biden took office. “It’s kind of depressing,” Enten said. He went on to explain that wages were not increasing under Biden. Enten said the median wage has declined by one percent since before the pandemic and one percent since Biden’s first year. He added that there has been no change in the last quarter and that wage stagnation has persisted for a considerable period, making it a prolonged issue. Enten explained that when disposable income is examined, it’s one of the weakest economic indicators. 

As liberal news outlets begin to question the Biden administration, challenging narratives and probing deeper into issues like the Hunter Biden scandal and economic concerns, the White House is facing a shift in media dynamics. Even staunch supporters like CNN and MSNBC scrutinize Biden’s statements, and the once-positive press shows signs of turning more critical of the White House. This changing landscape, declining approval ratings, and general public dissatisfaction with the Biden presidency suggest a challenging road ahead for the president’s reelection campaign. 

But journalistic integrity still flounders among liberal news organizations. These reporters are empowered by communicating personal views as facts; separating opinions from reality will not be easy for them.