Fetterman’s America First Stance on US Steel Wins Favor with Conservatives

ZB Photos / shutterstock.com
ZB Photos / shutterstock.com

Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman leaves a lot to be desired for a member of Congress. But as conservatives from everywhere have realized, he does have a rather admirable ‘America First’ stance on US steel.

If you haven’t heard, US Steel has officially been sold to Japan, or at least a Japanese company. That’s right. The largest and most well-known producer of steel in the US will now be owned and operated by Japanese company Nippon Steel.

And Fetterman is apparently not very happy about it.

Unlike most liberal congress members, Fetterman is of the mind that US steel should remain in the US, as it always has been.

As he said in a recent video posted to his X account while standing outside of the Edward Thompson Steel Works in Braddock, Pennsylvania, “Steel is always about security.”

Much like US energy, Fetterman understands that by selling off our major resources to foreign nations, we become weaker and less independent. And it’s “outrageous.”

“I have to say it’s absolutely outrageous that they have sold themselves to a foreign nation and a company. Steel is always about security as well, too. And I am committed to doing anything I can do from using my platform or my position in order to block this.”

He also promised to fight for steelworkers and “their union way of life.”

To be sure, it’s a generally unheard-of stance for a liberal lawman, who seems only too excited at seeing America sold off in parts.

And, as you can imagine, it has positively surprised many a conservative voter.

In fact, many not only voiced agreement with Fetterman on this issue but actually praised him.

Some also pointed out that this is not the only ‘America First’ stance he’s taken of late. Fetterman also opposed foreign nations owning US land. And he is a fan of closing off US borders, ousting Robert Menendez, and Israel.

While he still has some pretty radical ideas, I have to say it is nice to see him putting Americans first.