OP-ED: Democrats Not Only Divide Their Own Party But Also the Nation

Delpixel / shutterstock.com
Delpixel / shutterstock.com

Many issues facing the nation divide us further and further apart. As conservatives, we want secure borders and significantly harsher penalties for illegal immigration. Meanwhile, liberals are more in favor of supporting everyone’s “right” to be here and letting them walk right in with little to no checks. Conservatives want to see the return of home gun delivery by mail and being able to legally buy a fully automatic without a $20k tax stamp. In essence, liberals fail to see the common-sense conservative side.

For decades now, they have uttered ignorant comments and spewed off pointless chants, all while refusing to hear any dissent. They are fans of the “pop shot” technique and will spew venomous opinion as “fact” for minutes, then cut you off with some “-ist” or “-ism” name of the topic and proclaim that you are the reason their plans fail. Screaming and hurling obscenities, they are often quick to call for someone to be “canceled” for not having the same opinion as them.

One of their favorite topics as of late is the Israel vs Palestine/Hamas conflict. While the conservatives have largely jumped right in to support Israel, the left has splintered itself in an utter state of confusion. Unfortunately, for the pro-Israel crowd, this has meant the worst of the worst are backing Palestine. Under the impression that they are being enslaved or jailed in their territories, they forget their history.

Multiple times over, Israel has offered to have a split state with Palestine. Each time they have rejected it and attacked. Always resulting in thousands of deaths. They forget that Israel was there, and it was Palestine forcing the split, and Israel chose their ways; they are surrounded by Muslim nations on all sides and simply keeping to themselves.

Then the complaints about Hamas and how they operate are also there. Proclaiming that Israel is targeting civilians and hospitals, they rushed to condemn Israel. When Hamas then admitted they short-fired a missile into a hospital by mistake, they just moved on. Their rush to defend them and a conservative need to ensure they get what they have coming, go together, like oil and water. So, when we suddenly find a chunk of them on our side, it’s like putting gas on a fire.

From the George Floyd protests to Trump and now with Israel, the Democrats have perpetually divided us as a nation. Calling for systemic violence, leading protests that turn into full-on riots with looting, they cannot simply disagree and walk off. Refusing to look at morality for laws, they beg and plead for the right to “choose,” but not for a limit as to how much help that choice needs to come with. Instead, they just want another hungry mouth on welfare. Another member of their broken programs that their voters become dependent on.

That is also the way to quickly spot the firmly entrenched Democrats. Are they living off multiple government programs, or is someone in their family here illegally? Do the words “meth,” “crack,” “Obama-phone” or “Foodstamps” have a special meaning in their family tree? Then you’ve found the most divided of the democrats. The generational leftists cannot be spoken to. They instead just deflect and regress to being children if you disagree.

This same mentality permeated their core during Vietnam and returned following 9/11, especially as we invaded Iraq. The Michael Moores of the group came out with their documentary crews and made millions from high school and college kids who were too ignorant of their likeness rights. The same ones who are complaining because they have six years of college loan debt for a four-year degree. One that needs 5+ years of hands-on experience or other certifications to be worth anything.

So as they divide us, we as conservatives need to remember one thing, the more they divide us, the more their internal “-ism” and “ist” problems appear. The more the core of their evil cabal is exposed.