Feds Don’t Even Like Electronic Highway Signs

melissamn / shutterstock.com
melissamn / shutterstock.com

If you haven’t noticed, the Biden administration seems to want to control just about every aspect of our lives, from what you drive and how you heat your home. And now, they’re trying to tell states they can’t add funny messages to their electronic roadway signs.

Most of us spend quite a lot of time driving, whether its due to our daily commute, our job, or we just end up making a lot of trips. In any case, the road can sometimes get a little boring. You pass the same geographical markers, experience the same traffic flows. Even your favorite music gets old.

And so, it’s been nice to see a few funny road signs. You know the ones I’m talking about. those big electronic signs on the highways that read something like, “Don’t drive Star Spangled Hammered,” as one in Pennsylvania read in July.

While the signs are clearly reminding drivers and their passengers of specific road and traffic laws, they are done with a certain amount of flair. They might even make you laugh out loud.


And apparently, that’s a problem for Biden’s Department of Transportation.

So they are making new rules that will ban any amount of fun on any road signs by 2026. And no, I am not kidding.

According to the Associated Press, the Federal Highway Administration is making a few changes to its 1,100-page rule book. And one of them directly forbids all road signs from being anything more than direct and plain.


Any signs with references to pop culture, obscure messages, or nothing not strictly traffic-related will no longer be allowed. Apparently, the agency, which is part of Biden’s DOT believes all road signs should be “simple, direct, brief, legible, and clear.”

Additionally, they should only relay official information.

Anything else could be a serious “distraction” to drivers…

Please, tell me how a sign reading, “Use Yah Blinkah” in Massachusetts is going to cause problems. Or “Hocus pocus, drive with focus” in New Jersey.

For starters, just as the DOT demands, these signs are clear, brief, legible, simple, and I’d say to the point. The fact that they also bring a smile to your face doesn’t hurt, either.

But, as of 2026, they will no longer be permitted.

It’s just one more example of 1) the federal government sticking its nose in where it has no right to and 2) trying to control everything.