Pipe Bombshell: Evidence Suggests Feds May Have Planted the January 6 Pipe Bombs 

Fuss Sergey / shutterstock.com
Fuss Sergey / shutterstock.com

Three years ago, conservatives “stormed the Capitol” in an insurrection, with a thirst for bloodshed, destruction, and a coincidental tour of the building. During the incident, law enforcement officers also claimed to have uncovered pipe bombs, allegedly planted by conservatives ahead of the ‘insurrection,” outside of the DNC and RNC headquarters a few blocks away. 

While the FBI has been able to use geo-fencing technology to arrest nearly everyone present at the Capitol building, from grandmothers to janitors, they have yet to make any headway into their ongoing “investigation” and the identity of the pipe bomber. The data for that request happens to be corrupt and unretrievable. 

But a little-known surveillance video of the DNC pipe bomber and the Secret Service’s casual response to the “weapon of mass destruction” has raised questions about the incident.  

At the beginning of the video clip, a man carrying a backpack is seen engaging with officers near a Secret Service vehicle protecting then-Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris, who reportedly was inside the Democratic National Committee (DNC) building. A Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) vehicle, part of the Secret Service’s protection detail, is also present. The man with the backpack then moves to a Secret Service SUV, has a conversation, walks past the pipe bomb, and leaves the scene. 

It took law enforcement agencies two minutes after the unnamed man with the backpack left to even get out of their cars. The video shows them casually standing around the alleged pipe bomb, left out in plain sight near a bench, and even allowing a group of school kids to walk past the pipe bomb without attempting to stop them or warn them. It was a shocking lack of concern for their own safety, public safety, and the safety of Harris, who was inside the building at the time. 

After the kids pass, the Secret Service officers remain near the pipe bomb until a Capitol Police officer shows up and photographs the bomb. After that, the Secret Service and Capitol police cars on the scene drive off. While the video ends there, officials say that shortly after the vehicles drive off, a bomb-defusing robot appears on the scene to neutralize the “threat.” 

Kamala Harris concealed her presence at the DNC building on January 6th for almost a year, leading the media to believe she was at the Capitol during the riot. However, Harris was reportedly at the DNC building while a pipe bomb was nearby. It would be expected that an incident involving the first woman of color, the Vice President-elect, being near the deadly pipe bomb during the January 6 insurrection would be a headline of significant interest. It’s curious that Joe Biden, in his prominent January 6 anniversary speech, failed to acknowledge that his Vice President could have died that day. 

According to surveillance footage and official reports, this bomb was placed in an obvious location at approximately 8:00 PM on January 5. For nearly 17 hours, the bomb allegedly was unnoticed by a DNC security guard, pedestrians, motorists, or even the Secret Service or their bomb-sniffing dogs when they swept the premises before Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris arrived at the building on January 6. Raising further questions is the discovery of a coffee cup left on the bench itself; surely the person drinking coffee on the bench should have spotted the bomb? 

A closer look at the released surveillance footage revealed that it had been edited, and the missing footage is in the possession of the FBI but not available to the public. This footage would most likely reveal the person planting the bomb and pinpoint precisely when the bomb was placed. 

Meanwhile, just moments before the pipe bomb was found outside the DNC, a “random pedestrian” discovered a pipe bomb near a trash can in a back alley outside of the RNC headquarters. This bomb was placed in a location that would make it nearly impossible for any “random pedestrian” to find it, yet find it they did. It was pretty coincidental that within fifteen minutes after this bomb was found, the one that had been sitting outside of the DNC headquarters for more than 17 hours was suddenly found as well. 

The backpack man’s identity has not yet been disclosed, but The Blaze’s Steve Baker confirmed that he was a plain-clothed officer from the Capitol Police. This revelation adds an intriguing dimension, especially when considering other related details. According to multiple sources, the first responder to the initial “RNC” pipe bomb was a security officer from the Capitol Hill Club who had previously served with the Capitol Police. 

A series of coincidences, negligence, or prior knowledge? The video gives clues for those who want the truth.