Fed & State Governments Have Wasted Millions on Broken Down Electric Buses

liyuhan / shutterstock.com
liyuhan / shutterstock.com

The federal government has been on a mission for several years now to force the entire country to brace for global warming, which is fake. Billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent on converting public transportation systems to electric buses. How’s that working out? Not very well, judging by all the fleets of e-buses that are sitting in a garage, idle and broken down, right now.

Asheville, NC, spent millions of dollars on five electric buses a few years ago. Three of them are out of service, and they can’t get parts to repair them. A 60% failure rate doesn’t bode well for these new toys.

Colorado Springs, CO, spent $4.8 million on four e-buses in 2021. They paid for the buses through federal grants, meaning the taxpayers bought them. Two of them are broken down.

Philadelphia spent $24 million on e-buses in 2020, and its entire fleet is now out of service. In the communities in the San Gabriel Valley, just east of Los Angeles, 50% of Foothill Transit’s electric buses are sitting around waiting for repairs. Stockton, Reno, Austin, and Louisville are all experiencing similar troubles with their electric buses.

What happened? This miracle technology was supposed to save the weather, and it doesn’t even work!

For one thing, the free market intervened. The largest manufacturer of e-buses in the country was a company called Proterra. No city has willingly spent its own taxpayers’ money on electric buses. They only purchase them with federal grants, and even then, many municipalities don’t even apply for grants.

That was a terrible business model, so Proterra filed for bankruptcy last August. None of the cities that wasted taxpayer money on e-buses can now get repair parts. The e-buses are sitting around like giant, wildly expensive paperweights as a result.