Update: Montana’s “Republican” Gov Wants to Arrest Parents Who Oppose Transitioning Their Children

Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.com
Alexander Lukatskiy / shutterstock.com

You’re probably aware of the plight of Todd and Krista Kolstad by now, the Montana parents whose daughter has been medically kidnapped. Child Protective Services (CPS) took their 14-year-old daughter away from the family so that the medical community could give the girl a sex change against the parents’ will. Parents across the country are wondering why someone doesn’t step in. Montana is a red state with mostly Republican leaders.

Why aren’t they doing anything? Now we know. “Republican” Governor Greg Gianforte wants the Kolstads arrested and put in jail for opposing their minor child’s sex change.

The Kolstads’ daughter, Jennifer, is obviously a troubled teen. CPS invaded the family’s life after Jennifer threatened suicide to a friend at school. When CPS showed up at the family home and interviewed the girl (alone and without her parents present), they determined that she was transgender. If the parents would just let the girl get a sex change, her suicidal thoughts would go away.

Since that suggestion is obviously demonic and straight from the pit of hell, Todd and Krista said no. How about if they tried something less invasive than permanent, life-altering, experimental sexual mutilation surgery? Like counseling and prayer?

CPS immediately declared that the Kolstads were denying their daughter lifesaving medical care—as if they were Christian Science members denying their child cancer treatments or something. CPS took custody of Jennifer for six months and shipped her off to a facility in Wyoming that started giving her hormones and medically transitioning her.

Just as a side note, do the voters in Wyoming know that there’s a facility in their state that kidnaps out-of-state children and medically transitions them? You might want to talk to your legislature about that.

The Kolstads were not allowed to see their daughter for six months. CPS now wants to ship the girl to Canada to live with her birth mother she’s never known.

The family court judge in the case put a gag order on Todd and Krista Kolstad and ordered them not to talk about the state’s outlandish actions. Todd and Krista decided that the judge could f*** right off and immediately started sharing their story with media outlets.

With all this nationwide attention, you’d think someone powerful in elected office would step and put the brakes on this process. Especially before the government allows someone to chop Jennifer Koldstad’s 14-year-old breasts off.

Where’s Montana’s Republican Governor Greg Gianforte? Isn’t he supposed to be some sort of tough guy? Didn’t he get all kinds of glowing praise in 2017 when he body-slammed that reporter from The Guardian?

The Kolstads have currently traveled outside of Montana to care for a sick relative. They got a call from their attorney this week, warning them that if they come back to Montana, the Governor will have them arrested.

Publicly, Gianforte says that the Kolstad family’s situation is “tragic” but that all state and court procedures were followed. It’s just too bad, but the Kolstads will have to go to jail. So sorry!

Privately, the Kolstads say that Gianforte is the one advocating for their arrest because they’ve embarrassed the state about its transgender child kidnapping program.

“He [Gov. Gianforte] has tasked his senior adviser and director of strategic communications to use the media to punish us for speaking out about the state’s medical kidnapping of our daughter,” says Krista Kolstad.

Gianforte has the power, legally and morally, to stop this family’s nightmare. He’s the governor. He could fire the head of CPS and tell everyone to pause for a second and take a deep breath before carving up a 14-year-old girl like a Thanksgiving turkey. Why are all elected “Republicans” such cowards? Why can’t they ever do the right thing?

Montana voters might want to remember this story on June 4th, which is the primary election day in their state. Greg Gianforte is up for reelection. It would be a shame if he got booted out of office.