Neocons Pitch a Huge Hissy Fit After Tucker Carlson Spotted in Moscow

Baturina Yuliya /
Baturina Yuliya /

Tucker Carlson made international headlines this week when he was spotted at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, Russia. Carlson has been trying to score an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin since before the war with Ukraine broke out. For the crime of trying to do real journalism, neocons are demanding that Carlson not be allowed back into the country. The reaction among the neocons and the mainstream media has been fascinating to watch. They really, really hate it when someone beats them at their own game.

Carlson had originally been in the process of setting up an interview with Putin back when he was still working for Fox News. He learned from an unnamed friend in the federal government that the NSA had been spying on all of his emails and text messages because of his perfectly legal communications with Putin’s press office. Carlson did everything right from a journalistic standpoint but found himself under surveillance from the criminals in the Biden regime.

Fox News ultimately pulled the plug and didn’t allow that interview to take place. Carlson has noted in subsequent podcasts that Fox caved to pressure from the Biden White House. The establishment in this country is incredibly afraid of the American people finding out just how much the Biden regime has been lying to us about the war in Ukraine.

Bill Krystol, the disgraced founder of the Weekly Standard, is so upset about Carlson doing real journalism that he called on the Biden regime to deny Carlson reentry when he comes back. Just kick him out of the country!

The good news: Bill Kristol finally found someone he wants to deport. The bad news: It’s an American.

Tucker is not doing anything differently from other journalists in the past. The mainstream media used to champion journalists who would go out of their way to interview America’s perceived adversaries.

Larry King of CNN interviewed Muammar Qaddafi. Pulitzer prize winner Peter Arnett interviewed Osama bin Laden. Dan Rather of CBS News interviewed Saddam Hussein. None of them were accused of treason. Nobody called for them to be deported or stripped of US citizenship. Yet media outlets and neocons are saying those things about Tucker Carlson. Why do you suppose that is?

It couldn’t be because the Biden regime and its propaganda lapdogs in the “media” here in the US have been lying to us about the Ukraine war the whole time, could it?

Putin has reclaimed three small Russian territories from Eastern Ukraine. The Russian military has gone out of its way to minimize civilian casualties in Ukraine. Putin hasn’t used indiscriminate cluster bombs on the Ukrainians, for example. Like the ones that Joe Biden sent for the Ukrainians to use on Russian civilians.

Putin also likely didn’t blow up the Nord Stream Pipeline. Just saying. The three liberated territories had been going through artillery strikes from the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime for the past decade. Joe Biden and the US Congress are literally on the side of the Nazis in Ukraine, but you’ll never hear that from the mainstream press. We wonder if Putin will mention it to Tucker.

We’ve been told non-stop for the past two years that Vladimir Putin is the Second Coming of Hitler. And to prove it, the American people are not allowed to hear anything that Putin has to say! If the interview happens, we’re really looking forward to it. The Russian people, for their part, have been perfectly happy to have Tucker in their country for this interview.

Here’s what they had to say about it: