Secret Invasion? The Startling Number of Chinese Nationals Pouring Over the Border Unchecked

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The increase in illegal border crossings by Chinese nationals signals a shift in the dynamics of unauthorized entry into the United States, transforming it from a crisis to a different kind of challenge. This change contradicts the Biden administration’s narrative that the border situation primarily involves migrants from Latin American countries seeking refuge from instability. Chinese migrants are becoming one of the fastest-growing migrant groups.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in Chinese migrants exploiting weaknesses at the southern U.S. border. According to Fox News’s Bill Melugin, San Diego Border Patrol agents encountered 269 Chinese nationals in just one day. Since the beginning of the 2024 fiscal year, there has been a significant increase in the number of Chinese nationals entering the U.S. illegally through the southern border.

To provide context for the dramatic change in the number of Chinese entering illegally into the U.S., consider this: In President Joe Biden’s first year, only 450 such incidents were recorded. As of today, 20,000 have been documented so far this year. It is believed that some of these crossings were facilitated by the app TikTok, which has links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The surge in illegal crossings, particularly through a noted gap in the border wall in the San Diego sector, has not been addressed by the Biden administration, raising concerns about the government’s commitment to securing the border.

While it’s unlikely that every individual crossing the border from China is affiliated with the CCP, the possibility that the Chinese government could exploit this situation to insert operatives into the U.S. should not be overlooked. The CCP’s history of espionage and influence operations in key American sectors suggests a potential national security risk.

In January, border agents encountered 176,205 illegal crossings, a figure that remains historically high despite a decrease from previous months. Border Patrol officials have warned that the influx of foreign nationals poses a security risk, as it complicates the vetting process and allows individuals with potentially harmful intentions to enter the U.S.

Gloria Chavez, a chief patrol agent, expressed to the House Homeland Security Committee the challenges faced by her team in thoroughly vetting the increased number of Chinese migrants, which has extended the interview process to seven hours per individual. Despite these concerns, Chinese nationals continue to be transported into the U.S. interior, with court dates set far into the future, raising questions about the effectiveness of the current immigration and border security policies. According to Chavez, Biden’s lack of border policy puts the nation at risk because “information can be hidden” and “their agendas, their ideologies, the reason for them coming could be missed.”

Chairman Mark Green has highlighted the security implications of this situation, noting that some Chinese nationals have been identified as having connections to the People’s Liberation Army and the CCP. This, combined with the CCP’s broader efforts to undermine American military bases and institutions, underscores the gravity of the situation at the southern border.

Furthermore, the issue extends beyond human trafficking to the smuggling of fentanyl, a deadly drug. The Biden administration’s policies have been criticized for enabling a significant increase in fentanyl seizures, with cartels and CCP-linked investors playing critical roles in this illicit trade. The production and distribution of fentanyl, facilitated by precursors supplied from Asia, represents a crucial aspect of the broader security and public health challenges at the border.


This complex scenario underscores the multifaceted risks associated with the current state of border security and immigration policy, highlighting the need for a comprehensive approach to address these challenges. The number one foreign enemy (China) isn’t just sending spies through the gaps in the border wall; it actively contributes to the death and destruction occurring along the southern border.