Trump Finally Gets Date for Criminal Trial

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Former President Donald Trump is doing his best to navigate the four court cases he is facing as he seeks a return to the White House. Filed with clear motives to inhibit his chances of winning the 2024 Presidential election, never at any point in history has a single person been so heavily chastised. Biden’s timing of these cases is incredible.

On February 15th, Trump found out about the case against XXX sinner Stormy Daniels. Despite previously being addressed, the court has refused to dismiss charges against him for allegedly covering up hush money.

To answer these charges, Trump is set to begin the first-ever criminal trial against a former President on March 25th. Facing 34 counts of counts of accounting fraud linked to payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, prosecutors claim he covered up payments made to Michael Cohen. A longtime lawyer and aide to Trump, Cohen is alleged to have covered payments to Daniels as well as another former Playboy Playmate.

As Trump has pointed out to the press at these trials, this is just a way to hurt his election chances and ability to connect with the people because it’s impossible to campaign from court.

Georgia also has Trump getting ready to go on their accusations that he tried to overturn the 2020 election results that said Biden won. Currently, District Attorney Fani Willis is under investigation for her relationship with another prosecutor as well as alleged payment to him. In those payments, she grossly overpaid for services from her lover, and he used the proceeds from those contracts to take her on lavish trips.

The third case, one which could also soon have a trial date, has Trump being accused of civil fraud. Being called to the carpet on the accusation of grossly inflating the value of his property portfolios, this one potentially has teeth. In total, he is facing a possible $370 million in fines, as well as a ban on conducting real estate business in New York. Trump could also seriously shake up the NY real estate market if he were to sell off his properties publicly and in a public sale.

Given the publicity and massive profit that could garner, it would seem likely if convicted.

Finally, in the fourth trial, Trump is facing allegations of conspiring to overturn the 2020 election in Washington DC. This seems to be the “catch-all” allegation for Trump, as DC seems to think of itself as totally separate from the rest of the US. Lose here and the implications of being legally considered responsible for the insurrection at the Capitol kick in with full force. For Trump, it could (in theory) make him ineligible for election if convicted too. That, however, won’t play out unless he has a real conviction.

The endless string of lawsuits, allegations, and misjudgments never started until his first successful run for President in 2016. Coming through as an outsider, he had an opportunity to mess up everything the liberals had going for themselves, and boy, did he. They couldn’t stand seeing everything he was trying to accomplish, so they continued to stonewall him at every opportunity. From stacking the Senate and House against him to sabotaging the media to turn their back on the once golden goose, the Democratic party did everything within their power to make trouble for Trump.

Finally, having the first trial date helps Trump set a rhythm going forward. With a high likelihood that two, if not all three, of his other cases will be thrown out, there shouldn’t be much more distracting Trump during the home stretch of election time. In the end, this will amount to millions and possibly even billions of taxpayer dollars to go on a political witch hunt for Trump.