Jim Jordan Gets Real About Biden Closing the Border

Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com
Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.com

The southern border is a problem, and everyone knows it. Even the deepest blue sanctuary cities are beginning to admit that the constant flow of illegal immigrants is becoming too expensive to keep up with. That’s not even taking into consideration the significant uptick in crime that comes from all of the unchecked immigrants.

If Biden thought the border was a problem or wanted to do something about it, he could have done something already. The border could be closed.

Dave Rubin recently spoke with Representative Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and this very question came up.

Jordan’s response was one that should concern us all. “I mean yeah … but he probably won’t stop something that he intentionally started. They did this on purpose — willfully, deliberately, intentionally. They decided that they wanted to change three fundamental policies: no more wall, no more weight in Mexico, [and] once you’re here, you will not be detained.”

Everything that Jordan said is true. The harsh reality is that the Biden administration purposely created the problem. We didn’t have this kind of flow of illegal immigration when Trump was in office. Between Biden’s executive orders and Mayorkas’s sheer inability to do the job he was hired for, illegal immigration is worse than ever.

Jordan has speculated that the reason Biden and the rest of the Democrats have done what they have done is political. Since Trump did one thing, they are going to do the exact opposite.

That’s a bit pig-headed, though. It’s also not helping the country at all. They are truly hurting the country just so that they can say that they are not doing anything that Trump did.

So, what does this mean? Is there a way that we can close the border and get the country back on track? That’s where things get a bit tougher.

Jordan explains that there’s two options since we know that Biden isn’t going to fix the problem himself.

  1. “We can wait for the election.”
  2. “We can use the power of the Constitution…the power of purse.”

Jordan goes on to explain that the spending bill is up next month. The GOP is planning to say that they don’t want any money to be used to either process or release any new migrants into the country. They also want to ensure that there’s a focus on the eight million illegal immigrants who are already here, which means processing and evaluating them to determine if they are legitimate asylum seekers.

All we know is that something has to happen. We’ve gone from a secure border to no border at all since Biden took office, and that’s simply unacceptable.