Townie’s Trusty Slingshot Takes Out Terrorist Turkey

OlegRi /
OlegRi /

Unless you live a farm-blessed life or have an active hunting lifestyle, you likely don’t know a whole lot about turkeys except for the fact that they are the preferred American Thanksgiving meal. For instance, your 18-20 lb holiday meal is much more than 25-28 pounds when alive and kicking. And by kicking, I mean jumping up and using what can be over an inch-long spurs (spikes on the back of their legs) to defend themselves.

Needless to say, these are not next exactly the tame and docile creatures you may think you know and love.

They are also known to be quite territorial, prone to attacking anything they deem as a threat, be it a dog, man, or small child.

Unfortunately, a town in Quebec recently learned this personally, that is, until a town hero finally put the bird down.

According to Global News, a particular tom (adult male turkey) had been terrorizing the small town of Louisville, about 95 kilometers from Montreal, for weeks. Once, it had attacked a man in a wheelchair. Other times, it would chase children. Families were beginning to fear letting their kids out to play or even run to the bus stop.

The problem was it wasn’t turkey hunting season and wouldn’t be for a long while yet. Killing one out of season can result in rather serious consequences, such as fines and even the forfeiture of your hunting license.

But this turkey’s actions were so bad even the mayor, Yvon Deshaies, was calling for someone to take out the beast.

And so, one brave soul did, and with his trusty slingshot, no less.

Despite breaking federal hunting laws, I have to say I admire the man for saving his town. And I’m not the only one. According to Mayor Deshaies, the man is a hero and is rightfully having his identity kept secret by the entire town. He’s also noted to indeed be planning on eating the bird in the near future.