WA State Using AI to Surveil People Who Talk About Election Integrity

Apichatn21 / shutterstock.com
Apichatn21 / shutterstock.com

As the Democrat Party ramps up its efforts to try to steal the 2024 election, the Washington Secretary of State’s office has now weaponized an artificial intelligence (AI) system to spy on and censor any voters talking about election integrity on social media. Washington state’s AI is being used to target journalists, everyday voters, and conservative activists for spreading “narratives” that the Democrats don’t like. Factual reporting and truthful statements that liberals don’t like will now land citizens directly in the crosshairs of the government.

Secretary of State Steve Hobbs entered into a secret state contract with a British tech company called LogicallyAI. Hobbs is fronting the contract through a local community college to hide the use of LogicallyAI from legislative oversight. In a truly creepy and Orwellian manner, the company says openly on its website that it monitors every human’s social media accounts to “identify harmful online narratives about the election process and online threats to election officials and the election process.”

The British government began using LogicallyAI to censor, track down, and arrest citizens during the pandemic. Anyone who posts something deemed “racist” against Pakistani rape gangs can now be arrested for the speech in the UK. They also began arresting people who expressed doubts about the dangerous and ineffective COVID vaccines. Thousands of Brits now find themselves in trouble with the law for their online speech, thanks to LogicallyAI.

Secretary of State Hobbs is spending $14,000 a month in taxpayer funds to use LogicallyAI to censor Washingtonians’ online speech. The AI sends “threat” and “narrative” alerts to the Secretary of State’s office every month. Any journalist who reports truthful information about the Democrat Party’s efforts to rig the 2024 election or any citizen who even questions whether mass mail-in voting is susceptible to fraud ends up on Hobbs’ naughty list when the AI catches them. LogicallyAI boasts on its website that it gets people shadow-banned on social media sites through its “narrative” alerts.

Reporters and everyday voters have now been targeted by the Washington state government for sharing factual information about the following on social media:

  • Saying good things about voter ID
  • Noticing when illegal aliens vote
  • Questioning the integrity of mail-in ballots
  • Questioning the integrity of voting machines
  • Questioning the integrity of Secretary of State Steve Hobbs
  • Mentioning the potential for election fraud
  • Dead people voting
  • Counting the votes of dead people who somehow cast ballots
  • Calling for election transparency

Ari Hoffman hosts a radio show on 570 KVI in Seattle. He reported a true story about illegal aliens who had been caught voting dozens of times in Washington, who were never prosecuted by the state. The state targeted Hoffman instead, when LogicallyAI sent a “narrative” alert to the Secretary of State’s office.

Republican political candidates and officeholders, journalists, political commentators, and everyday voters have all been listed in “narrative” alerts to the Secretary of State’s office. Frequent Fox News contributor Jason Rantz has been listed as a “threat” by the state government, as has reporter Katie Daviscourt with the Post Millennial. Daviscourt reported factual information about mail-in ballots being used to commit election fraud.

Washington State Rep. Jim Walsh (R) calls it an “unconstitutional totalitarian contract” and is calling attention to it to end the deal with LogicallyAI.

If you’re wondering where this online censorship is eventually heading, this is the answer: