Texas Rave Attendees Leave Woman to Bleed Out

Angel House Studio / shutterstock.com
Angel House Studio / shutterstock.com

“Cold-blooded.” This is the best way to describe what happened at a San Antonio rave, which was held illegally on March 9. A woman was found dead following a shooting. She bled out while the partygoers stood there recording it on their phones. No one called 911, and no one jumped in to try to save her life.

Javier Salazar, Bexar County’s Sheriff, released details about the case on Facebook hoping to find out more about what happened inside an old and abandoned Knights of Columbus Hall building. Water and electricity weren’t hooked up legally. And yet, an event managed to be advertised on social media.

The shooting is suspected to have happened around 4 am. It’s unclear why there was a shooting, but the report suggests that there was a disagreement between at least two groups.

While one man was injured, the woman who was killed was recorded.

Salazar reported, “That’s about as cold-blooded and disturbing as you can get. She’s gasping for air, and they’re videotaping her as she’s dying.”

Some of the videos were uploaded to social media.

Bartenders and security guards were reported to be on site, but trying to interview them has been nearly impossible. No one seems able to provide information about what happened. Authorities are relying on the various videos on social media to paint a clear picture.

Salazar goes on to say, “Just extremely frustrating that a little girl 21 years of age is now dead and nobody is able to give us enough information.”

The investigation is still going on, but it shows that more people in today’s society will record a crime rather than help the victim. It’s cold-blooded.