Soldiers in Spain Pretend to Switch Genders for Higher Pay, Better Benefits

Niyazz /
Niyazz /

Dozens of men in Spain’s military have been pretending to switch their genders to gain better pay, lodgings, and benefits from their military service. Spain has gone so far down the rabbit hole of globalist transgender insanity that they now have to take anyone’s word for it, no questions asked, if they insist they’re another gender. A bunch of men are hilariously taking advantage of that situation now, and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Spain has been working to incentivize military jobs for biological women for a while now by offering better pay, better sleeping quarters, and other benefits and perks that are not available to biological men. Last year, the country passed its new “Ley-de-Trans,” or “Trans Law,” which allows anyone to switch genders on a dime.

Since the passage of Ley-de-Trans, 41 male soldiers at one base in North Africa have switched genders while still retaining their male genitalia, male names, and even their beards (which are allowed in the Spanish military).

“On the outside, I feel like a heterosexual man, but on the inside, I am a lesbian,” said Army Corporal Roberto Perdigones. So… on the outside, he’s all man, baby! He’s got all the correct man parts in the downtown area. But on the inside, he prefers to have sexual relations with women, so he’s a lesbian. Just like every single member of your college frat house. Got it?

“It is the latter that counts,” says Cpl. Perdigones. “This is why I made the legal change to become a woman.”

Honestly, we’re amazed that this dude was able to keep a straight face as he was explaining his “lesbianism” to a reporter from the Spanish newspaper El Español.

“For changing my gender, I have been told that my pension has gone up because women get more to compensate for inequality,” says Cpl. Perdigones.

Yeah. He’s oppressed.

“I also get 15 percent more salary for being a mother,” he says.

He’s a MOM! Okay, now we officially cannot stop laughing at this story!

“I even have a private room in the barracks, all to myself, with a private bathroom. This is because I cannot be with men as I am a woman, and I did not consider it appropriate to be with biological women out of respect for them,” he said.

It’s all about caring and respect for Cpl. Perdigones. And a 15% pay increase. Plus, having his own private room in the barracks is probably handy when one of his lesbian pals wants to come over for a late-night pillow fight. We can’t believe the dude is getting away with this. What a legend!

Spain’s new transgender law allows anyone 14 and up to switch their gender without any psychological or medical exam required. Kids 14 to 16 still have to get their parents’ permission. Kids as young as 12 are allowed to switch their genders, but it requires the approval of a judge.

Many law enforcement officers in Spain are suddenly switching their genders as a form of sarcastic protest against the law. If Spain’s woke policies are automatically offering women better pay and benefits for the same job, and anyone can change their gender on a whim, what did they expect to happen?

It’s obvious that men will pretend to switch their genders in that situation. Economic incentives matter. They don’t even have to put up a vague pretense of being transgender to get a pay increase. Just keep all your man parts and tell everyone you’re a lesbian on the inside. Brilliant!