Biden DEI Rules Killed Plans to Build Advanced Semiconductors in the US
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The Biden regime’s forced Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion rules are so onerous that companies would rather relocate to Israel and have Hamas rockets raining down on their employees than try to comply with them. That’s according to both Intel and Samsung, which have now pulled out of agreements to build advanced semiconductor factories in the United States.

One of Joe Biden’s “signature” economic policies that he’s been taking credit for is the fact that Samsung and Intel were going to build multi-billion-dollar chipmaking plants here in the US, thanks to his efforts. But when both companies saw the diversity hiring rules that Joe Biden wants to force on them, both bailed.

The Biden regime incentivized the companies to build here in the US by offering $39 billion in subsidies. However, the grants had so many diversity strings attached that Samsung and Intel have both backed out. Samsung had planned to build its plant in Texas, while Intel was going to build a factory in Columbus, OH. Both projects would have created thousands of good-paying, high-tech American jobs.

To comply with Biden’s DEI rules, both companies would have been forced to appoint a Chief Diversity Officer to oversee construction. Part of the Diversity Officer’s job would involve forcing the companies to hire far more women than can normally be found for construction jobs. Roughly 90% of all construction workers in the US are men.

Biden’s diversity hiring rules would have also extended beyond the construction phase and would have forced both companies to hire chipmaking employees based on skin color and weird sexual preferences, rather than education level and merit.

Intel will instead build plants in Israel and Poland now since Vladimir Putin and Hamas are actually less dangerous for a company’s bottom line than Joe Biden’s DEI rules. Samsung is moving plans for its plant to South Korea.

Joe Biden—killing American jobs before they’re even created!