Denver Official Caught on Tape Begging Illegal Aliens to Leave the City

An official from Denver Mayor Mike Johnson’s office has been caught on tape begging illegal aliens to go to any other sanctuary city—just not Denver. Political director Andres Carrera tells the invaders that they will receive better welfare benefits if they keep moving and go to Chicago or New York. Uh oh! Do the Democrat mayors of Chicago or New York know this is happening?

Carrera has been appointed as Mayor Johnson’s Newcomer Communications Liaison, which is a fancy term that means it’s his job to meet the busloads of invaders showing up in the city and talk to them in Spanish. A local news station obtained the tape of Carrera urging the illegals to get the hell out of Denver and go somewhere else.

“New York gives you more,” Carrera tells the invaders. “Chicago gives you more. So I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there.”

Carrera promises the illegals that they will suffer if they stay in Denver because the city has run out of resources for them.

“If you stay here you are going to suffer even more and I don’t want to see this,” he adds.

The city is so desperate to dump the problem on someone else that they’re even offering “free” bus tickets to anywhere in the US for any illegal alien who wants to go away. Carrera tells the illegals that they can even (hint, hint) ride a bus up to the Canadian border if they want to.

The hilarious thing about this is Carrera is not telling the illegals to travel to red states. He’s specifically telling them to buzz off and go to other sanctuary cities run by Democrats.