Michigan Incentivizes Landlords to Rent to Illegal Aliens Instead of Americans

Brian A Jackson / shutterstock.com
Brian A Jackson / shutterstock.com

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) is incentivizing landlords to rent properties to illegal aliens over low-income Americans. Just when you thought the Democrat Party’s insults against heritage Americans couldn’t get any worse. Whitmer is paying landlords a monthly stipend in taxpayer funds for every illegal alien they rent to, in hopes of luring even more invaders to her purple state. The strategy seems to be working. At least one American woman has already been murdered by an illegal alien receiving Whitmer’s rent subsidy.

Whitmer has even given the program an Orwellian name—the Newcomer Rental Subsidy. She calls the illegal invaders “newcomers” because it just sounds so welcoming. You have to wonder what the voters are going to think about this program come November. A lot of people don’t realize it, but Michigan is now the state being flooded with the fourth-highest number of illegal aliens, trailing California, Texas, and New York. Maybe it’s because welfare-for-invaders programs like this one are incentivizing more of them to come.

Under the Newcomer Rental Subsidy, landlords can now get $500 per month in guaranteed taxpayer funds for each illegal alien they rent to. If you rent a three-bedroom apartment to a fake “family” of five, you get $2,500 a month. The cash is guaranteed and backed by the Michigan taxpayers.

How does this incentivize landlords to rent to illegals? If you rent to an American family and they can’t come up with the rent, that creates a problem for you. If you rent to the illegals, you’re guaranteed cash that the taxpayers have to pony up. This is just one more example of illegal aliens being treated better by the Democrats than American citizens.

To qualify for the program, the illegals must be designated as refugees, special immigration visa holders, victims of human trafficking, Cubans, Haitians, Afghan nationals, and Ukrainian humanitarian parolees. The Biden regime helps out with this by designating every illegal alien who breaches our southern border as a “refugee,” even though none of them fit the legal definition of that term under US or UN designation rules.

Amy Hovey, Whitmer’s director of the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, says, “This program is truly a win-win, as it addresses the most pressing barrier to refugee resettlement by meeting housing needs while setting up families for success with increased employment and opportunity.”

A win-win for who? Not for the American taxpayers certainly, or the low-income Americans struggling to keep up with paying their rent under Joe Biden’s hyperinflation.

One of the illegal aliens who was receiving Whitmer’s rental assistance was Brandon Ortiz-Vite, from Mexico. President Trump’s administration deported Ortiz-Vite back in 2020. He’s back in the US now he enrolled in Whitmer’s Newcomer Rental Subsidy. The rent welfare program was probably part of the reason why he traveled from Mexico back to Michigan.

That’s too bad for a 25-year-old American woman named Ruby Garcia. Ortiz-Vite allegedly car-jacked her, shot her, and left her dead body on US 131 in Grand Rapids. He’s been charged with felony murder, open murder, carjacking, carrying a concealed weapon, and felony use of a firearm.

He’s not getting that $500-a-month in rental assistance as one of Gretchen Whitmer’s “Newcomers” now. He’s sitting in jail, and fortunately, prosecutors in Grand Rapids are holding him without bail.

Ortiz-Vite snuck back into the country at some point in the last three years and did not have any of the special designations that are required for “immigrants” to sign up for Whitmer’s rent welfare subsidy. The Michigan state government signed him up for it anyway.