Is Hoodie-Wearing John Fetterman The Next Joe Manchin or Kirsten Sinema? 

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Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman (D) is not living up to his end of the bargain. When he was installed as Pennsylvania’s latest liberal loudmouth in 2022, the left rejoiced. Now, he has become anything but predictable, something that Democrats cannot condone in their carefully orchestrated plot to destroy America. 

The outspoken Fetterman has drawn criticism from the left for his positions on immigration, border security, and international conflicts. Rather than being the plaint little progressive they thought he would be, Fetterman now insists that he is not progressive, saying he is not “woke” on multiple occasions. He now says he is “just a regular Democrat.” 

Fetterman thwarts Democrats on nearly many significant issues. In January, he caused chaos when he raised concerns about the situation at the southern border, particularly highlighted by a record-breaking monthly processing of 300,000 migrants in December. At the time, he told the New York Post that there is, in fact, a crisis at our border, saying, “It can’t be controversial that we should have a secure border.” 

He has been equally vocal about his support of Israel amid the ongoing conflict with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, breaking ranks from his anti-Jewish colleagues. This position cost him the support of The No Dem Left Behind PAC in March, with the group announcing it “deeply regretted” supporting him in the first place. 

And this week, Fetterman weighed in on squatting, saying that “squatters have no rights.”  “It’s wild, that if you go away on a long trip, for 30 days, and someone breaks into your home and suddenly they have rights.”  He’s calling for a tougher stance on crime and dared to question the events that led to the death of NYPD Detective Jonathan Diller at the hands of a suspect who had already been arrested and released on several occasions. 

For Democrats, this wasn’t how it was supposed to be. A new rabble-rouser has joined their scared ranks, promising to give them a rough and wildly unpredictable ride. 

Not since Senators Joe Manchin and Kirsten Sinema have Democrats faced opposition in their party.
Manchin and Sinema have played critical roles in debates surrounding the filibuster rule and voting rights laws. In June 2021, they voted against altering the legislative filibuster for a voting bill, aligning themselves with Republicans and posing a setback for President Biden’s agenda. Their stances have also influenced attempts to advance the Democrats’ ambitious $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill and amend the Senate filibuster rule. 

Climate change fared no better with Manchin. Following his opposition to climate change legislation, House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth made a dramatic statement, expressing, “We’re all going to die.”  Yarmuth emphasized the prevailing mood in the party as one of “incredible frustration,” noting that Manchin’s stance was “influencing policy for the entire nation.” It’s almost like Manchin was doing his job. 

Senator Martin Heinrich (D-MN) questioned whether Manchin should continue as chairman of the Senate energy committee. Representative Cori Bush (D-MO) referred to Manchin as “Mr. Fossil Fuel Industry” due to his backing of fossil fuels. 

In response to Manchin’s actions, President Biden pledged to take decisive executive action to tackle the climate crisis if the Senate fails to act. He urged the Senate to proceed with the parts of the agenda that Manchin has agreed to. 

Sinema angered Democrats during Biden’s time in office because her moderate positions prevented or delayed progress on his agenda. Before registering as an Independent in 2022, she thwarted Democrats by siding with Republicans on key issues such as taxes. She remained committed to some Democratic stances, however, such as gun control and LGBTQ rights, but she had become somewhat unpredictable for the left. 

She prevented Democrats from using the nuclear option to eliminate the legislative filibuster, enact trillions of dollars in spending, and implement significant reforms to the election system solely through the votes of their party members. In March, Sinema announced she would not seek re-election. 

Democrats should have felt relieved that a new seat warmer from Arizona would give them a pliant little mouse that would vote the party line. 

Except now, there’s Fetterman. 

Fetterman, who was condemned by Republicans throughout the midterms and following them, has even drawn the attention of former President Donald Trump, who praised him for his views on immigration and Israel.  

Standing 6’8” tall, Fetterman will be hard for Democrats to push around. And the hoodie-wearing upstart from Pennsylvania might be the surprising voice of reason within a party of lunatics after all.