George Soros Moves to Take Over Another Radio Network before the Election


Billionaire communist George Soros is making a move to take over a second American network of radio stations in time for the 2024 election. In February, Soros easily took control of an ownership stake in Audacy, which runs more than 230 radio stations across the country. Soros has now set his sights on Cumulus, which owns 403 radio stations across 85 markets in the US. If Soros succeeds in buying Cumulus, he will control the messaging on about a third of all conservative talk radio stations in America—which is to say, they’ll no longer be conservative stations at all.

Audacy was forced to file for bankruptcy last year. In February, the Soros Fund Management bought hundreds of millions in Audacy’s debt for 50 cents on the dollar. Under the terms of the bankruptcy agreement, Soros Fund Management became the largest shareholder in the company and now effectively controls all its content. Audacy owns sports, music, and talk radio stations, as well as a large digital platform that carries many podcasters. While it’s not a conservative company per se, most talk radio stations are.

Now that Soros is successfully in control of Audacy, his Open Society Foundation (which controls Soros Fund Management) is openly talking about buying out Cumulus. If Soros accomplishes this, he’ll own controlling interest in 633 radio stations across America. For perspective, iHeartMedia—formerly Clear Channel Communications—is the largest radio station company in the US with 850 AM and FM stations.

George Soros could conceivably control the content and programming of around 40% of all radio stations in America before the 2024 election rolls around. There’s no way that this is a coincidence.

Soros is not just meddling in English-language radio, either. He helped to facilitate a deal in 2022 in which a group led by Barack Obama and Bill Clinton bought out 18 Spanish-language Univision radio stations. It’s been a huge concern that Donald Trump has made such great inroads with Hispanic voters in 2024, so controlling the narrative on Spanish radio stations is also extremely important to the communists.

The big question is, what will George Soros do once he takes control of all these stations? One possibility would be for him to simply change the format of every conservative talk radio station to liberal. While it’s possible, that’s unlikely. Soros isn’t stupid, and he’s not interested in throwing money in a hole for no reason. He knows as well as everyone else does that progressive talk radio is a total dud that always goes bankrupt. Ask all the former hosts at Air America if you doubt this.

The more likely scenario is that Soros will use these radio stations to spread misinformation for the Democrat Party, which is what he does with most of the money that he throws at media projects. The conservative talk radio stations in your market would still have all the usual hosts on them, but the “local” news would take on a decidedly liberal slant. This is a strategy that’s been deployed repeatedly by leftwing organizations that “underwrite” local news stations.

This move by Soros also comes right as American automakers are trying to ditch AM radio as a standard feature on all new cars. It’s all about limiting access to conservative radio content wherever possible and saturating listeners with leftwing propaganda where they can’t.

Republicans in Congress could have stepped in and caused trouble or even stopped Soros from taking over Audacy back in February—but they didn’t. Will they see the writing on the wall and move to stop him if Soros tries to buy out Cumulus?