What It Takes to Golf Like Trump

Stuart Miles / shutterstock.com
Stuart Miles / shutterstock.com

It’s hard to talk about Donald Trump without talking about his love for golf. And the Democrats used to love pointing out how much time he would spend golfing throughout his time in office.

Suddenly, the few hours here and there on a golf course seem like nothing in comparison to the vacation time that Biden has spent in Delaware, don’t you think?

It’s likely that if Trump were to get back into office, the Democrats couldn’t criticize that aspect of Trump anymore. Well, they could, but it would be blatant hypocrisy.

What does it really take to golf like Trump, though? The billionaire owns 19 courses around the world. It would be hard to compete with that kind of money.

You might be surprised that you can play golf on many of the same courses that he does. He typically plays on the courses that he owns because, well, why not?

If you have the money to become a member at Trump International Golf Club, you actually get reciprocal privileges at all of the other locations. That means you can golf with ease all across the US as well as his courses in Scotland, Ireland, and even Dubai.

It’s quite the investment, but if you love golf and you want to be able to rub elbows with Trump and others, it could be well worth it.

But what if you DON’T have that kind of money? Trump isn’t like your average politician because he’s more of a businessman. He knows that many people love the game of golf but can’t invest tens of thousands into becoming a member.

Several of the courses that Trump owns are open to the public. And one of them is considered to be one of the top public courses in the US and one of the best in the state of Florida: Trump National Doral. It is commonly known as the Blue Monster because of all of the water hazards, and it’s located in Miami, Florida.

The Blue Monster hosted the PGA tour from 1962 until 2016, proving that it is an impressive course with plenty of obstacles. And the layout features plenty of ridges and slopes. And over the years, even new lakes have been added so that there’s more excitement when playing all 18 holes.

Depending on when you want to book your tee time, you can expect to pay around $495 for up to a foursome, and that includes the golf cart. That’s really not bad when you consider the kind of entertainment that you’ll enjoy for a few hours. And if you get to run into the Donald along the way, it’s that much more of a bonus, isn’t it?

You never know what golf can turn up. It’s a chance to relax while soaking up the beauty of a course for a few hours. And you may meet a few people at the driving range, the beverage cart, or the clubhouse that can help you with your networking, too.

Who knows. Depending on when and where you book your next golf game, you may even end up getting an invite to one of Trump’s super-exclusive fundraising events. Even if you don’t, you can always just have fun name-dropping that you played at one of Trump’s favorite courses.