UN Officials Heading to Sudan As They Try To Prevent All-Out Civil War

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Millenius / shutterstock.comUN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres decided on April 30th that he had seen enough of the lack of progress being made in Sudan, and has elected to send the Emergency Relieve chief to the war-torn nation. As the warring factions only honored the 72-hour ceasefire that ended on April 30th in the most modest sense of […]

More Doctors are Showing Concern Over What the COVID Vaccine Could Be Doing

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Surasak_Photo / shutterstock.comWe’ve heard about more people who are active and healthy dying. Those in their 20s are having strokes. Athletes are being defibrillated in the middle of marathons and on the fields. What is going on? First, there was insufficient research conducted before the FDA approved the COVID vaccines for emergency use. As such, the government […]

Hillsong Ex-Pastor Carl Lentz’s Sex Scandal Is Subject of New Documentary

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Quality Stock Arts / shutterstock.comSome members who used to attend the Hillsong Church (that Carl Lentz used to pastor) have come forward to describe strict dating and sex rules that he imposed on his congregation. The claims are the focus of a new TLC documentary about the church and the pastor to several Hollywood stars. Lentz was fired from […]

Was This Really Dr. Jill’s New Year’s Message to America?

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lev radin / shutterstock.comThe First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, set the tone for another crazy year in 2023. She was sitting beside her husband, President Joe Biden who was once again somewhat confused, and she used the national platform on New Year’s Eve to once again hammer the message of getting vaccines. You heard that right, what were […]

Tulsi Gabbard Sits In for Tucker and Roasts Santos

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John M Poltrack / shutterstock.comTulsi Gabbard went prime time on the Fox News channel subbing for Tucker Carlson this week. She had Rep.-Elect George Santos (R-NY) on the show as a guest and she cut loose on him about the lies he told during his campaign. Gabbard began the intense interview by talking about several Democrats who told lies […]

Ungrateful & Unvetted: Biden’s Afghan Refugees Trashed US Military Bases

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Ink Drop / shutterstock.comWhen Joe Biden handed Afghanistan over to a terrorist group in August of 2021, it was the most humiliating foreign policy defeat in United States history. But it wasn’t over. The debacle continues to be an amazing domestic policy failure as well. The Biden regime brought more than 120,000 unvetted Afghans – many of them […]

Biden’s Top 5 Inconceivable Lies of 2022

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lev radin / shutterstock.com2022 didn’t do the American people any favors. The economy is in the toilet, inflation keeps climbing, and people are deeply divided against one another. And it’s all thanks to President Biden and his liberal agenda. Even though the liberals set the narrative for the mainstream media, they cannot save President Dementia from himself or […]