Sunny Hostin Explains Major Biden 2024 Problem

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

By now, we all know Democratic President Joe Biden’s number one problem: his age and the ability to do his job. However, as the hosts of “The View” recently pointed out, that’s not his only one regarding getting re-elected.

Another major issue of Biden’s is his vice president. By and large, Kamala Harris has been a blight on the Biden presidency and one he can’t really afford.

While I don’t usually agree with anything “The View” portrays as truth, this one is right on the nose.

Naturally, the Biden team has done just about everything it can to turn that around a bit. They’ve given her new tasks. They’ve taken duties away. They’ve put her in front of the camera more. They’ve made her step back, etc., yet at every turn, she seems to hurt the Biden White House.

As such, Biden and the team are supposedly trying very hard at present to “boost Vice President Harris’ image,” according to a report from the Washington Post that the ladies of “The View” cited. The Post even noted it was a “concerted effort” to boost her reputation, as her current one is severely lacking.

Of course, host Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t understand why it needs boosting in the first place. Apparently, having no personality and no accomplishments but being female and black is all that one needs. But I digress…

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the show’s only so-called “conservative,” explained by saying that there are two basic jobs for any vice president: “do no harm and try to keep a higher approval rating than your principal.”

And as Griffin rightly pointed out, Harris has been able to do neither. “And I feel like she hasn’t broken through on major policy accomplishments.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, she had not done anything to draw in more black votes. If anything, she’s actually cost Biden quite a few. And as host Sunny Hostin mentioned, that could end up costing Biden his re-election bid.

As she said, “Black voters saved his campaign in 2020. They could also be why he loses it in 2024.”

Finally, a bit of truth from “The View.”