Biden Has Had to be ‘Officially’ Corrected by the White House 148 Times This Year

Paul Froggatt /
Paul Froggatt /

Joe Biden has become such an incomprehensible dementia potato that it’s now a full-time job for White House staffers to correct the transcripts of his public statements. According to an audit by the Daily Caller, White House staffers have had to ‘officially’ correct Joe Biden’s statements every time he has spoken in public this year. Every single time! Let’s not kid ourselves. These are not gaffes, and this is not a speech impediment. Joe Biden is so far gone that he might not even make it until the November election.

The 81-year-old walking vegetable stumbled over his own tongue in every statement, speech, or comment that he made in public between January 1 and April 24. Biden spoke in public 118 times during that period, and the White House had to scramble to make 148 corrections to the transcripts. He’s made more misstatements than the number of times that he’s spoken in public!

The corrections to the White House transcripts are either made to explain what Biden really meant or to keep his words in line with the actual public policy that his handlers are promoting. In some cases, the corrections completely change the meaning of what he said.

Here’s how Biden lost the battle with his teleprompter just last week:

The White House transcript of that speech now replaces the word “Pause” with “[inaudible].” Did it sound inaudible to you? It sounded to us like he clearly read the word “Pause” from the teleprompter because he’s too far gone to read a simple script these days.

At least 20 times this year, Biden has given the wrong names or titles of people, places, or groups. He has misidentified the leaders of France, Egypt, and Mexico, as well as members of his own cabinet.

In some cases, the White House has inserted words into the transcript that Biden never said, to appease their communist voting base. For example, Biden referred to “LGBQ rights” in a speech back in January. The White House quickly added the letter ‘T’, so in the transcript, it now says “LGB[T]Q rights.”

Ladies and gentlemen, the leader of the free world!

“I kept my promise to appoint the first Black Supreme Court justice,” Biden announced at a campaign event in February. The transcript now says he appointed the “first Black [woman] Supreme Court justice.”

The White House had to make 13 corrections to the recent State of the Union speech, especially after the point where Joe Biden’s cocktail of barbiturates and methamphetamines started to wear off. He said that “every American voted against” his 2021 American Rescue Plan. The transcript now says, “every [Republican].”

When talking about his favorite subject, the mostly peaceful January 6 stolen election protest, Biden stated, “The threat to democracy must be defended.” The transcript now says “[defeated].”

The worst flub of the night came when Biden butchered the name of poor Laken Riley, the 22-year-old American girl who was viciously butchered by one of Joe Biden’s illegal alien pets. Biden called her “Lincoln.” In the transcript, the White House corrected it to “Lanken,” which is even more insulting—but what do you expect from this regime at this point?

The evidence is clear. Joe Biden is now incapable of speaking in public without making glaring errors. Right now, Biden is pretending that he’s going to debate Donald Trump later this year. We’ll believe it when we see it with our own eyes. Our money is on Biden bowing out because the White House knows he’s incapable of a debate.