Crooked Hillary Blames MAGA Republicans for Making it Hot Outside in July

Trevor Collens /
Trevor Collens /

It’s just about time for the Democrat Party to replace Joe Biden on the 2024 ballot, so Hillary Clinton crawled out from under her rock this week. A noted climate scientist (not really), Crooked Hillary, identified the culprit that is making it hot outside in July. It’s the MAGA Republicans who control the weather!

Here’s what Crooked Hillary had to say on her Twitter/X feed:

“Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican. Or better yet, vote them out of office.”

She retweeted a message from Obama’s Center for American Progress Action PAC, outlining some of the many hysterical global warming alarmism headlines from the mainstream media. These are the headlines that the MSM has been breathlessly reporting ever since summer—the hot season of the year—started.

The Washington Post: Phoenix hits record for 19th day of 110+ degrees in a row – with more ahead.

CNN: 39-day heat wave could last into August after smashing 2,300 records.

CNBC: ‘We are in uncharted territory’: World records hottest day ever for the third time in just four days.

Forbes: July 4 was Earth’s hottest day in over 100,000 years – a breaking record for the second day in a row.

NOAA: Earth just had the hottest June on record.

We’ll come back to The Crooked One in just a moment. First, have you noticed how the federal government always behaves this way, with these doom and gloom weather proclamations, when a Democrat is in the White House? This never happened during the four years when Donald Trump was president because he focused federal agencies on making the lives of Americans better.

Now that Joe Biden is in the White House, thanks to a stolen election, every federal agency is bleating, “Oh my gosh! It’s never been 114 in Phoenix in July before! You’re all going to die unless you give us total control over your lives!”

It’s such gaslighting. As they make these proclamations about “hottest days ever,” they never hold up the temperatures for the last five or ten years for comparison. We’re expected to just take the government’s word for it, and that they are the ones who can fix it. What exactly was the temperature on that really hot day 100,000 years ago, Forbes?

Oh, right. That data doesn’t exist because the Biden regime just pulled it out of their butts and you reported it uncritically because you refuse to switch on your brains for 11 seconds when thinking about this stuff.

Hillary Clinton—who literally joined a coven of witches in Manhattan a month after she lost the 2016 election—now wants to pin this hot July weather on “MAGA Republicans.” Which is odd, since the UN has been bleating about global warming since the 1970s, while MAGA Republicans have only been a thing since 2015.

Hillary is making this claim because all the MAGA Republicans in the House voted against a bunch of Joe Biden’s Green New Deal hooey in the last appropriations bill. Under Hillary’s logic, if the MAGA Republicans had voted “Yes” on that bill, it wouldn’t be hot outside right now. So, at least she’s got science on her side.

Want some real science to wash Hillary’s gaslighting out of your head? Here goes:

  • Even the Environmental Protection Agency admits that summer heat waves have been declining since the 1930s.
  • June was not the “hottest month” on the NOAA weather satellite records. June of 1998 was.
  • Phoenix has not broken any temperature records this month. The higher temps they’re recording have to do with the urban heat island from all the additional concrete that’s been added in the city since the 1970s. It has nothing to do with global temperatures increasing.
  • The Fourth of July was not the hottest day in 100,000 years.