Don Lemon to Join “The View?” Of Course, He Would…

lev radin /
lev radin /

ABC’s “The View” has always been a show hosted by women. But according to the wishes of Don Lemon, that could soon change.

If you know much about Lemon, it’s likely that CNN recently fired him for saying that women over a certain age are out of their “prime” and, therefore, not worth the effort.

And yet, now it seems that he’s making a concentrated effort to get added to a show where nearly everyone involved is a woman of that approximate age.

Reports come from several sources who have seen Lemon supposedly schmoozing and buttering up all the women currently hosting the show.

Apparently, Lemon recently held quite the get-together in the Hamptons (yes, the same party where former CNN boss Jeff Zucker and CNN host Alisyn Camerota left together holding hands). The party reportedly celebrated “The View” host Sunny Hostin’s recent book release.

And according to the report, Lemon was “all over” both Hostin and another “The View” host Joy Behar.

An “insider” told the OK! Magazine, “(Lemon) wanted to make sure” both Hosting and Behar knew that “he was responsible for every detail of the party. Don’s pushing himself with ALL of the women on the show.”

Furthermore, the source noted that Lemon thinks he would be a great addition to the show as its first male voice. Supposedly, he thinks the show would benefit from a male voice.

However, it wasn’t forgotten that Lemon has a history of not always playing “well with others” – hence his firing from CNN.

As you may remember, in addition to his remarks about aging women, he also didn’t get along with either of his CNN co-hosts, both of whom were women. It seems he actually has a problem with women.

And yet, again, he suddenly thinks joining an all-female show will be well suited for him?

Thankfully, as sources note, the women of “The View” aren’t “quite ready to welcome with open arms – no matter how many parties he throws.”