Oregonians Now Struggling with Secondhand Crack Smoke After Legalizing Crack

Fuss Sergey / shutterstock.com
Fuss Sergey / shutterstock.com

A majority of Oregon voters now regret passing Measure 110 in 2020, which legalized the public use of all hard drugs, including crack and fentanyl. Who could have seen that coming? Oregon has had an explosion of homelessness ever since hard drugs were legalized, and Joe Biden’s inflationary policies forced many in the middle class onto the streets. Crime is now out of control in Portland. Drugs are so commonplace that residents are even complaining about suffering the effects of secondhand crack smoke in public places.

The Taxpayers Association of Oregon is reporting that after a breakfast meeting last week, one of the biggest complaints about Portland that popped up is all the public crack smoking and how it’s making normal people sick. One attendee complained that his co-worker got sick when she had to walk through a cloud of crack smoke to get to work.

Employees from one of Oregon’s largest law firms complained that multiple people from their firm had been getting sick riding public transportation. Homeless drug addicts will light up their crack pipes while sitting right next to you.

There has never been any research done on the effects of secondhand crack smoke. Because why would you do a study on that? However, the common sense that is sorely lacking in far-left Portland suggests that it can’t possibly be good for you. The same progressives who railed for years about the dangers of secondhand smoke (which they blew out of proportion) are now demanding that everyone tolerate secondhand CRACK smoke.

The irony is that the progressive policies of cities like Portland stack on top of each other to make life even more soul-crushing and miserable. We’re watching the collapse of civilization in these blue hell zones.

Oregon residents are prohibited by public health law from smoking cigarettes within 10 feet of any building’s entrance. Homeless crack addicts are exempt from this law. They’re allowed to stand there and blow crack smoke in your face right as you head to work.

The homeless are also allowed to just pass out on wheelchair ramps, and it’s illegal for regular people or the police to try to move them. If you tried to block a wheelchair ramp, Joe Biden would have Attorney General Merrick Garland slap you with federal charges for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. But for the homeless? No problem! Just be a nuisance and make life miserable for everyone else. Go poop on the sidewalk while you’re at it, in case the serfs missed the point.

Things may be about to change, however. Polling funded by the Foundation for Drug Policy Solutions indicates that public opinion in Oregon has turned against the decriminalization of crack and fentanyl. And it only took three years!

Measure 110 decriminalized the possession of small amounts of drugs like crack, heroin, and fentanyl. 56% of registered Oregon voters say they’d now like to see Measure 110 repealed completely. A majority of voters also supported repealing parts of the idiotic law. Another 54% said the passage of Measure 110 definitely increased homelessness in their home cities. Half of all respondents feel that crime has increased since crack was legalized.

The good news is that Oregon voters can put forward a citizen’s petition to repeal the law. They don’t have to wait for the lunatics in the state legislature to come to the right conclusion. Insane laws like Measure 110 are a big part of the reason why 13 counties in Eastern Oregon have now voted in favor of seceding from Portland and joining Idaho.