Another Rioter Just Raked in Millions for Claiming Cops Roughed Him Up

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One of the most infuriating things about the reaction to the BLM terrorism riots of 2020 has been how cities and police departments are issuing settlements to the rioters in 2022 and 2023. So far, more than $80 million has been awarded to people who threw chairs through the window at a McDonald’s, set businesses on fire and killed police officers and security guards. Talk about paying to keep the Dane away. The latest example comes from Los Angeles, where a single BLM rioter was awarded $3.75 million in a settlement agreement with the LAPD.

A BLM rioter named Asim Jamal Shakir Jr. filmed himself screaming at black police officers during a George Floyd protest. He was encouraging the black cops to switch sides, presumably so they could have a race riot against the non-black cops. So, he’s a standup citizen, obviously.

Shakir then recognized one of the black cops he was screaming at. It was his own uncle, an officer named Eric Anderson. Shakir started calling his uncle by name and yelling at him specifically.

Our ancestors are turning over in their grave right now! Look at me in my eyes, Eric! … You know how your daddy feeling right now? That could have been you!” he yells on a video of the incident, apparently referring to the drug addict George Floyd who overdosed in police custody in Minneapolis as police were trying to save his life.

Shakir’s lawsuit claimed that his own uncle then directed other officers to shoot him with a hard-foam projectile. On the one hand, that’s hilarious. We can totally see a guy ordering his fellow cops to shoot his own nephew with a non-lethal projectile, for being a complete and total turd. On the other hand, that part of the exchange is not in Shakir’s video of the incident. It’s a he-said, he-said incident between a nephew and his uncle who is probably not proud of him for hanging out with domestic terrorists and looters.

A police officer allegedly shot Shakir in the hand with a projectile, and when he bent over to pick up his phone, the cop shot him again. None of that was on video.

Shakir’s attorney said in court that the poor youth had to go to physical therapy for over a year because of the boo-boo on his hand. The lawyer also claimed that Shakir can no longer enjoy filming rap videos or boxing because of his injuries.

The LAPD never reported that less-than-lethal force was used against Shakir. All 11 black officers in the police line that Shakir was screaming at said they had no recollection of any of their fellow officers “shooting anyone who was filming or shooting anyone twice.”

Just to recap, there’s no video of officer Anderson telling his fellow cops to shoot Shakir. There’s no video of Shakir being shot. There’s no paperwork record indicating that any officer fired a weapon at Shakir. None of the police officers had any recollection of anyone being shot that night, let alone being shot twice, with hard-foam projectiles.

How do you suppose a jury would find in a case like that, with no evidence that any of the “victim’s” claims are true?

It took a Los Angeles jury 13 hours of deliberation, but they finally ruled that the LAPD was negligent for shooting Asim Jamal Shakir Jr. with a less-than-lethal projectile. The jury awarded Shakir $3.75 million in damages over an incident in which there was no evidence that he was ever hit by a projectile.The kid was a boxer. Is it possible that he injured his hand in training, and then decided to cash in on the injury by blaming the police?

No wonder police are quitting the force in droves.