Nikki Haley: First Pro Sexual Child Abuse Candidate?

Juli Hansen /
Juli Hansen /

Just before the fourth Republican primary debate, footage of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley during an interview with CBS back in June was brought back to the surface. While not “news” per se, it was a stark reminder of just how much she misses an important conservative value.

Asked point blank by CBS what the state should do when a 12-year-old girl wants to live as a boy. How should they respond?

Haley flatly said:

“I think the law should stay out of it, and I think parents should handle it.”

This is openly advocating for childhood sexual mutilation and sexual abuse, don’t you think?

Immediately when this was reintroduced to the wire, social media started having a field day with it. Pointing out the hypocrisy of needing to be a certain age for a cigarette, a beer, a tattoo, or even a firearm. Yet not needing one to permanently mutilate your body or start willingly ingesting known cancer-causing drugs. To say that this idea passes the common sense approach by any means is simply crazed.

Haley still advocated for it, and now this will be the mantra that her campaign will be crucified by.

Standing by and idly allowing harm to come to an innocent child because their parents are too weak to say no, or because they have been allowed to play make-believe for too long is horrific. It is downright criminal, and honestly, the Federal government should be investigating the people who are advocating for this to be legalized and normalized.

As members of the GOP, nobody can cast a ballot for Haley in good conscience. The advocation for sending troops to Ukraine was a boneheaded idea. This, though, paints her perfectly as the childhood sexual abuse supporter that the very foundation of the Republican party was founded to oppose.

Together the conservative voice is strong. United on many fronts and divided on some, the safety and sanctity of childhood is one front we can all agree on. As a community, we are tired of the over-sexualization of our children. There is no reason 12-year-olds should be asking their friends’ parents what their preferred pronouns are or what their gender is when they meet them.

Instead, they need to be allowed to remain kids for as long as possible. The world is becoming an increasingly scary, violent, and sexually charged place. With people like Haley trying to make it okay for kids to rule the roots for the time they are children, we are stripping them of their childhood.

Let them explore? Sure. If they want to have questionable hair or fashion choices, have at it; God knows most of us did. Bowl cuts, JNCO jeans, feathered hair, perms, or bell bottoms. Whatever your younger poison was, it becomes a bit embarrassing to look at as you age. Yet we still embrace that part of our history, but most of us outgrew it. Now as many older transgender people are discovering, they outgrew it too, but not till it was way too late.

Former Governor Haley still had her supporters in the crowd at the debate, but as pointed out by Vivek Ramaswamy, they were likely her donors, or as he called them, “puppet masters.” This sad group could be part of big pharma as multiple social media users have implicated. No matter who they are, though, they are wrong for pushing a candidate who wants to allow for the mutilation of children like this. It’s immoral, it’s unsafe, it’s permanent, and it destroys their lives when they are at their most vulnerable.

While Haley wants to make history as the first female GOP Presidential candidate, she isn’t fit for the role. That voice will belong to someone who is more maternal, someone with some morals and self-respect. Not someone who lacks the backbone to tell a pre-teen that this is wrong and they need to wait.