One Tweet from the GOP Released the Conservative Base Beast

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Brandon Morse has written an important article for “RedState,” in which he explains how a simple one-sentence tweet has rattled the GOP to its very foundation.

He starts the article off with this question, “What Republican Party?” He maintains it is a question worth asking because of the mediocre showing in the midterms. He said that GOP leaders just shrugged at their candidates. It’s also a worthy question because of the insane omnibus bill that amounted to “a Democrat Party Christmas wish list.” He said that right-leaning voters are even wondering if they have a political party to support.

Then, Morse focused on the Twitter world with the Republican Party seeming to be having a hard time relating to their voting base.

He focused on one tweet from the GOP that cause intense reactions from conservatives ranging from average Americans to even a well-known influencer.

The tweet from the GOP said, “Republicans believe in limited government.”

The missiles began firing immediately.

The Hodge Twins responded, “Obviously not. Who used 9/11 to create the Patriot Act to spy on us? Who just voted to send our tax dollars overseas? Who just voted to give the agencies more of our tax dollars so they can censor us and call us domestic terrorists? Republicans did, and most of y’all are cowards.”

DeSantis’s aide, Christina Pushaw, said that they should tell that to the GOP politicians who voted for the Omnibus.

And other responses were even less polite, but well deserved. People are calling out GOP leadership for not fighting for the American people and caving into the Democrats.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was not silent. He made it clear that his party could have held strong against Democrats on the omnibus but they failed to uphold their own principles.

“We have completely and totally abdicated the power of the purse. Republicans are emasculated. They have no power, and they are unwilling to gain that power back,” Paul said.

What a powerful tweet. And it clearly shows that the GOP is not supporting Republicans across the nation.