Boebert Leaves Congressional Race for “Fresh Start”

lev radin /
lev radin /

Colorado Republican and Representative Lauren Boebert isn’t exactly your average congresswoman. And she’s making waves with her recent 2024 announcement.

As you likely guessed, Boebert is (or was) seeking reelection of her current seat in the House of Representatives, giving a voice to the rather competitive third Congressional district of her home state. However, she has just announced that she will no longer be seeking such.

Now, before you get too far ahead of yourself and me, don’t freak out. She’s not planning on leaving Congress.

Instead, she’s going to take a run at the fourth Congressional District of Colorado.


Well, there are a number of reasons.

First and foremost is fellow Republican Ken Buck currently represents the fourth congressional district. But unlike Boebert, Buck is done with Congress, at least in any official capacity.

According to him, he’s decided to spend more time with family and use his influence “in a different capacity.”

So there is a seat open.

Secondly, Boebert noted in her announcement that 2023 has been a rather tough year for her, both in her career and personal life. If you remember, she is fresh off a divorce, somewhere she thought she’d never be.

Then again, she also never saw herself in politics.

And both firsts have caused her to do some major restructuring of her life and priorities.

She also noted that outside groups are attempting to buy her current seat in the competitive district.

So maybe a “fresh start” for 2024 is what is needed.

“I did not arrive at this decision easily… It’s the right move for me personally, and it’s the right decision for those who support our conservative movement.”

Until she’s elected to Buck’s current seat, Boebert promises to represent the people of Colorado’s Third Congressional District to the best of her ability, ensuring that they have a voice in Washington.