This State to NOT Include Biden’s Name on Ballot?

The Toidi /
The Toidi /

As you have likely already figured out, 2024 and its presidential election will be more than a bit interesting. And a recent plan or change to strategies by Biden and his cronies could only make it more so, as he is now in jeopardy of being cut out of one key state’s first primary.

As Fox News recently reported, the Democratic Party, or more specifically, the Democratic National Committee, is seeking to change up the primary calendar a bit heading into 2024. Typically New Hampshire, as a key and usually quite a competitive battleground election state, gets to go first.

But looking forward to next year, the DNC has suggested that South Carolina get to go first instead.

The basic idea behind it, of course, is to supposedly up Biden’s game a bit as early as possible.

As the records show, Biden didn’t do too well in either New Hampshire or Iowa during their first primaries. He finished fifth in New Hampshire and fourth in the Iowa caucuses.

It wasn’t until South Carolina’s primary that he received his first big win for 2020. Essentially, it was South Carolina that got his campaign off of the ground.

Naturally, the idea now is just to have South Carolina go first, supposedly giving Biden that much more of an edge early on – particularly in a year when he will yet again have to face the very difficult opposition of Donald Trump and possibly even Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis.

However, as the DNC is finding out, the move may come with an even greater risk, both to Biden and the Democratic Party in general.

You see, New Hampshire isn’t exactly keen on giving up their first-place spot and taking second place to anyone. As such, state leadership has threatened to hold their first primary just as usual, being the first state to do so, with or without the approval of the president.

As GOP Governor Chris Sununu recently said about the matter, “We’re going first no matter what.” And if Biden doesn’t like it, he “will not file for election in the New Hampshire primary, which will still go first.”

For anyone who hasn’t already figured out, that means Biden’s name might not be present on the state’s first primary.

Naturally, this could have a significant impact on Biden and the Democrats heading into the election cycle.

And if not getting any of New Hampshire’s votes is bad enough, there’s the near guarantee that Republicans the nation over will use this to their advantage. In fact, as New Hampshire Democratic Party chairman Ray Buckley told Fox, the GOP is already beginning what could be a very costly assault on the party over the proposed calendar.

This move could end up costing the Democrats everything if Republicans exploit these already obvious divisions enough. As for Biden, he could end up without the DNC’s nomination.

As Buckley says, the move is both “mind-boggling” and “clearly detrimental” to the future of all Democratic candidates going into 2024, especially in the state of New Hampshire.

As usual, the Dems are tanking their own future. The best thing we can do is sit back and watch the show.