Sen. Rubio Calls for Probe into Massive Democrat Election Money Laundering Scandal

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It’s been more than two weeks since James O’Keefe – formerly with Project Veritas – uncovered what appears to be a massive online fundraising scam being carried out by Democrat fundraising juggernaut ActBlue. The story went viral, and yet the Republican National Committee (RNC) has said nothing about it. The Democrats could potentially be raking in cash from the Communist Chinese Party, and yet it’s been nothing but crickets from the GOP.

Fortunately, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is calling for a Federal Election Commission (FEC) probe into O’Keefe’s findings.

O’Keefe seems to have landed on his feet after the Trump-hating infiltrators on the board of Project Veritas ousted him from his own company a couple of months ago. Under the new moniker of O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), he’s launched an investigation into where ActBlue is getting all of its cash. The findings were remarkable.

In a video released by O’Keefe, he explains how retired and elderly donors in Maryland (and presumably all other states) are somehow making thousands of annual donations to ActBlue. One person, for example, has had $217,000 worth of donations made in their name, split up over 12,000 individual contributions over a three-year period. Does that sound fishy to anyone else?

That works out to about 11 separate times each day that the individual would have had to be making donations to ActBlue, for 365 days out of the year! The donations are made in variations of the individual’s name, and variations of his address.

Another woman in Annapolis made 1,000 donations to ActBlue in 2022, totaling more than $18,000. When O’Keefe told her that amount had been donated in her name, she had no idea. She’s a retiree, and says she occasionally donates $5 to ActBlue in an election year.

Back in 2020, Fox News reported on an investigation that showed more than half of ActBlue’s donations were coming in from “untraceable, unemployed donors.” That amounted to more than $346 million in untraceable cash that ActBlue raised from someone in 2020, which was distributed to liberal causes and political campaigns. Keep in mind, that was during the pandemic. Were unemployed people really donating their limited resources to political campaigns while they were out of work? That doesn’t make any sense.

Real Clear Politics reported in 2015 that “foreign interests could potentially use gift cards to flood money in through ActBlue’s unverified credit card system.”

So, this problem with ActBlue has been going on for a while. We don’t know what’s really happening, but it looks as if ActBlue is using some sort of software to churn the names of small-dollar donors and variations of their addresses through the system, so they can bring in foreign contributions that would otherwise be illegal in America. Foreigners are banned from donating to American candidates and campaigns.

Sen. Marco Rubio is not just asking the FEC to open an investigation into this. He’s demanding it. Good for him! The question is, why does Rubio have to be the one to do this? What’s Ronna McDaniel doing over at the RNC, and why isn’t she raising a stink about this?
Watch this video report from James O’Keefe as he uncovers the fact that thousands of retirees across the country are most likely victims of identity theft and fraud being carried out in their names: