Stop Flirting with Us! China Admits Joe Biden is a ‘Fake President’

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You’ve probably heard by now that no one in China is answering the phone whenever someone from the weak and ineffectual Biden regime calls. It’s much worse than that, however. US Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) intercepted a phone call between the US and Chinese ambassadors, and a transcript of their conversation leaked online. According to Ambassador Qin Gang, his bosses in the CCP no longer want to talk to Joe Biden because they believe he is a “fake president.”

The latest kerfuffle between the Biden regime and China happened in late May when the Chinese abruptly canceled a meeting between Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and his Chinese counterpart. Relations have suddenly deteriorated to the point that Biden’s CIA Director William Burns (no relation to Ambassador Nicholas Burns) has gone to China to try to shore up relations.

The reason why China is no longer taking the Biden regime’s calls is revealed in the transcript of the conversation between Qin Gang and Ambassador Burns:

“It has come to our attention that Lloyd Austin is not a real defense secretary, and his superior, Joseph Biden, is apparently not a real president of the United States of America. We have learned Lloyd Austin speaks for only a portion of your country’s armed forces and that Joseph Biden isn’t in control of your country’s nuclear weapons. This is an alarming revelation—your house is not in order. It would be inappropriate to speak to Lloyd Austin until we thoroughly investigate this matter.”

Okay, that’s hilarious! We already knew that Joe Biden was a fake, unelected president. China knew it too, and they probably had a hand in the stolen 2020 election. The fact that they are now jumping on the bandwagon of calling Biden a fake president is truly funny. Here’s a question that every reporter should start asking in the White House press briefings: If Joe Biden is not in charge of the country’s nuclear codes, then who is?