Teen Girls Banned from Track & Field for Protesting Transgender Athlete

Real Sports Photos / shutterstock.com
Real Sports Photos / shutterstock.com

The Attorney General of West Virginia is vowing to take a case to the Supreme Court after five young middle school girls were banned from all future track & field events last month. What did the girls do to warrant the ban? They stood together and refused to compete against a biological boy. West Virginia has been wrestling with the problem of transgender athletes trying to steal all the girls’ trophies and medals for some time now. While the governor and state legislature are only too happy to protect girls’ sports, the Biden regime keeps suing the state and intervening.

West Virginia was one of the first states to step in and protect women and girls from having biological men and boys destroy their sports. The state passed the Save Women’s Sports Act (HB 2917) back in 2021, and Gov. Jim Justice (R) signed it into law.

The state law was challenged on April 16th on the claim that it violates federal law. The suit was filed on behalf of a 13-year-old boy who calls himself “Becky Pepper-Johnson.” The lawsuit argued that because the Save Women’s Sports Act prohibits transgender athletes from participating on sports teams that align with their fake gender identity, it violates the Equal Protection Clause and Title IX.

Judge Toby Heytens with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is such a radical leftist that he even pretended that “Becky” is a girl in his ruling. This is what he wrote (emphasis added):

“Offering B.P.J. [Becky Pepper-Johnson] a ‘choice’ between not participating in sports and participating only on boys teams is no real choice at all. The defendants cannot expect that B.P.J. will countermand HER social transition, HER medical treatment, and all the work SHE has done with HER schools, teachers, and coaches for nearly half HER life by introducing HERSELF to teammates, coaches, and even opponents as a boy.”

Uh… “Becky” IS a boy. He has all the requisite parts. He has the larger bone structure of boys, the denser muscle tissue of boys, and the obnoxious attitude toward 13-year-old girls that most 13-year-old boys possess. The only thing that “Becky” lacks, apparently, is a parent who loves him enough to slap him in the face and tell him to go participate on the boys’ teams where he belongs.

At any rate, Judge Heytens ruled that the boy could participate in the 2024 Harrison County Middle School Championships on April 18th. After the judge blocked the Save Women’s Sports Act, “Becky” was allowed to follow his dream of crushing all the little girls and stealing their trophies and medals from them.

When “Becky” stepped into the shot-put ring to participate, the five top girls participating in the event all stepped out of the ring—thus disqualifying themselves. They did the same thing during the discus event. “Becky” won the events because none of the girls who qualified for the championships would compete against him.

We hope that the little snot “Becky” is happy with himself because all five of the girls have been banned from participating in future track & field events.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey voiced his support for the girls when they were banned. He announced this week that the state would appeal the Fourth Circuit judge’s decision to the Supreme Court.

“I will do everything in my power to defend these brave young girls,” said Morrisey on Monday. “This is just wrong. We must stand for what’s right and oppose these radical trans policies.”