Kim Jong Un Builds Latest Wall Faster and Better Than Its Last Rockets

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Kim Jong Un’s latest actions have done nothing but enforce the truth about how evil and dastardly communism is. Sentencing a two-year-old infant to life in prison because his parents were found in possession of a Bible is a prime example of just how far the “Dear Leader” has slipped in recent years. Their lock-step way of making Kim the only thing worshiped is wearing thin in small circles, and more people are yearning to breathe free.

As a result, the reports of people obtaining smuggled-in content have been skyrocketing. From K-pop music to Korean soap operas to American movies, their thirst for something different is never ending, and people in South Korea and China are more than happy to help feed that addiction. For readers, the New Testament and text files of Western books are incredibly common.

In order to get things across items are often flown via drone or remote-control airplane over the southern border from South Korea, but it is the North Western part where the nation borders China that faces the most smuggling. Now Reuters has discovered the quietest yet most disciplined project from the Kim dynasty; a 304-mile border wall.

This blockade is fully stacked, with watchtowers, concrete walls, double fencing, and barbed wire, Kim is letting the people of North Korea know that there is no escape. No future outside these walls. Those in China are being shown that smuggling contraband across will no longer be as easy, nor will the people of North Korea be able to just slip out like they were in years past.

Not to say that getting across any part of the border was ever easy. Between mountains, rivers, and lakes, there is barely an easily passible section in the rural areas and many a North Korean has died while trying to defect through there. Being blocked off from Western medicine and drugs will only lower the already grim life expectancy for the people of North Korea.

Getting a wall like this up is also part of their long-term plan for Kim to keep his people completely isolated from the outside world. To do this, he will need to build more on the Red Star operating system. While 3 million North Koreans own smartphones, the ones running on their system lack apps or the ability to understand coding from outside nations.

Doing this keeps the people only getting what the North Korean authorities want them to hear and see. Companies like Pyongyang and the Arirang are paid for by the government and make the devices they are forced to use. This means authorities can easily monitor all their activities. They will automatically capture random screenshots of the user’s messages, and they cannot delete messages either. Official phone inspections are also a mandatory part of owning them.

It also helps keep the criminal element of “Chinese phone” brokers in the business. While the North Koreans try to jam signals that come in near the Chinese border, these brokers still find ways to get calls out. For those who have loved ones who have escaped, this can be a lifeline to getting out or at least hearing the voice of their kids one last time.

A separate class of about 50 families makes up the North Korean ‘donju’ – the “money-lords” also known as “money-masters” have been allowed to openly run schemes for years. Starting back when economic restrictions were first lifted in the 1990s, these families invested heavily in their businesses and work extensively in black market goods and banned materials. This keeps a secondary and steady flow of income coming back to the Kim family in the form of tributes and gifts.

By making these families even more powerful with the extended restrictions on getting things in, they are also making them significantly richer. All while making the control level they have on their people stronger. This is nothing but a win for the Kim family and a devastating loss for their people. Then again, this is the hallmark of communism and where the left is trying to take us all.