Every Major Candidate in the West Virginia GOP Primary Believes 2020 Was Stolen

Victor Moussa / shutterstock.com
Victor Moussa / shutterstock.com

The mainstream media is aghast at the fact that West Virginia voters have so many great candidates to choose from this year. That’s because every Republican candidate running for Congress or a statewide office is a “2020 election denier.” Voters in the state are notoriously loyal to Donald Trump, and any Republican candidate who believes that Joe Biden legitimately won the 2020 election has already been weeded out. Their polling was simply too low for them to remain in their respective races.

Secretary of State Mac Warner is running for governor in the GOP primary. He says he firmly believes the 2020 election was stolen. While he doesn’t claim that outright fraud played a role (which it did), Warner says that the tech companies, the media, and the FBI colluded to cover up the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Moore Capito is another candidate running for governor. He’s the son of Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV). He says Trump won the state in a landslide in 2020 and wishes that other states ran their elections as honestly and efficiently as West Virginia.

Attorney General Patrick Morrissey, also running for governor, says there were “huge irregularities” and “very, very severe issues” in the 2020 election. Businessman Chris Miller says that no one can trust mail-in ballots, which were a major factor that allowed the Democrats to steal the election.

Derrick Evans is running for US Representative in West Virginia. He spent three months in prison for peacefully walking into the US Capitol on January 6th. Good luck convincing him that Joe Biden got 81 million votes!

The media hates the fact that West Virginia has fielded so many honest Republican candidates for office. They claim that this is a “loyalty test” or a “litmus test” for the Republican Party. That’s not true. It’s an honesty test.

Only a person who is incredibly stupid or dishonest could possibly believe that the 2020 election was legitimate. Why would anyone want a person like that representing them in Congress or serving as governor?

The media continues to tell the childishly transparent lie that Donald Trump lost 60 court cases in 2020 and that the courts never found any evidence. If that lie soothes your amygdala to the point where you want to smoke some weed, watch some porn, and get another booster shot while the country disintegrates around you, knock yourself out! Meanwhile, the adults are trying to save America.

As for those “60 court cases,” it is not the duty of a court to find evidence. The duty of a court is to weigh the evidence that it presented to it. Donald Trump won the first three election cases that his legal team brought in 2020. That sent a panic through the establishment in Washington, DC. They realized that we had a constitutional crisis on our hands because the 2020 election was stolen.

In the next 57 cases that Trump’s legal team brought, the courts suddenly dismissed every single one because they claimed the plaintiffs “lacked standing.” That’s not a failure to find evidence. It’s a refusal to look at the evidence, which was voluminous and damning. The 2020 election was an absolute farce and there is no possible chance that Joe Biden was the most popular elected official in human history.

This is great news for Republican voters in West Virginia. The Republican Party is now the MAGA Party. You can no longer lie to the voters and have any hope of serving in office if you try to pawn Joe Biden off as legitimately elected.