COVID Blamed For Youths Attacking Mothers With Bats In Wealthy San Francisco Neighborhood 

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Noe Valley, affectionately known as “stroller alley,” is “noe” place to “stroll” for its wealthy residents. With gangs of youths attacking nannies and mothers with baseball bats on their way to and from dropping kids off at school, this quietly affluent family-friendly town is joining the rest of San Francisco in a criminal-ridden death spiral. 

You would think that crime should be nonexistent in a gun-control-happy little state like California, but these bat-wielding hooligans prove the point of second amendment supporters across the nation. Crime and violence will find a way, even without guns. 

In fact, if guns aren’t readily available, homicides via forklifts are an acceptable way to visit violence on random strangers, as evidenced in a Home Depot parking lot in Waldorf, Maryland, during the early morning hours of Sunday, July 2nd.   

Last week in Noe Valley, eleven victims were unwillingly parted from their cellphones by a gang of renegade kids. The gang appears to be linked to other gangs who have been assaulting mothers and nannies while wielding baseball bats in broad daylight. 

San Francisco is patting itself on the back because violent crimes such as assaults and rapes have remained steady over the past few years, or what leadership of the infected city calls “stable.” Unfortunately, murders have increased alongside property crimes. 

Earlier this year, Heritage Foundation senior legal fellow and former prosecutor Charles Stimson told Fox News not to believe the hype and propaganda put forth by leadership desperately trying to keep businesses from fleeing liberal cities, with residents following close behind.  

“Crime is worse than the data shows,” Stimson warned. “People do not report these crimes because when you have a DA who’s pro-criminal and not going to enforce the law, the cops aren’t going to go out and arrest somebody when they know the case is going to be no papered.” 

If you can’t walk your kids to school in a quiet and wealthy town like Noe Valley, and prosecutors refuse to take crime seriously, the only thing left to do is place blame on something so ridiculous that it can only be a distraction tactic. 

To garner sympathy for the poor, misguided, bat-wielding youths, Rafael Mandelman, a San Francisco Board of Supervisor member, blamed COVID-19 and the “upending they experienced” during the pandemic. 

He also attempted to prepare residents for more COVID-a9 related crimes to come. “I think, what happened with kids not being in school, I think there may be something going on with that, that we’re going to be experiencing for a while,” Mandelman cautioned. 

Mandelman went on to elaborate, Those couple of years [when] school was erratic or nonexistent, where everyone was under stress. That was probably impacting vulnerable communities more anyway. Sociologically. Who knows what was going on, but I would not be surprised if we are going to be experiencing the lingering impacts of that for a generation.”  

In reality, San Francisco’s crime infestation can be laid at the feet of two men, both district attorneys who refuse to punish criminals. The problem started years ago with DA George Gascón and continued to worsen under DA Chesa Boudin until he was finally recalled last July. 

Stimson pointed out staggering statistics in a horrifying “before and after” scenario. Five years before DA Gascón took office, rapes were remaining relatively low in San Francisco, at an average of 151 per year. During Gascón’s last five years in office, rapes had skyrocketed to 346 per year. 

Aggravated assaults rose from 2,384 to 2614 per year under Gascón and massive increases in retail theft. How accurate the numbers are is open for debate, however. Stimson pointed out that a complete ambivalence regarding crime and laws that favor criminals led to many residents and businesses not bothering to report it. 

“Policies include not prosecuting any misdemeanors, watering down most felonies to misdemeanors, not asking for long prison sentences even for people who are convicted of the worst crimes, never asking for bail,” Stimson explained. 

COVID-19, however, seems a suitable excuse for everything not already covered under climate change. 

In a world where Hunter Biden’s tax evasion and his lies to obtain a gun were shrugged off because he was addicted to drugs, this liberal shift-the-blame game is unsurprising. It’s a landscape of excuses and zero accountability, and it’s one that liberals have learned to navigate well.