Biden Gets an Even LOWER Approval Rating…

Gints Ivuskans /
Gints Ivuskans /

We all know there’s much more to running the country than just dealing with the economy. But for sitting Democratic President Joe Biden, that might be the only thing that matters anymore.

Naturally, I don’t mean it’s all he cares about or even what “we, the people,” believe matters.

However, as one recent poll proves, it holds a great deal of power and could end up being Biden’s ruination.

On Sunday, a new CBS poll showed Biden’s most recent approval rating. Unsurprisingly, it’s at its absolute lowest point yet, with a mere 40 percent of the United States and its citizens saying he’s done or is doing a good job as our commander in chief.

And reason number one for that is the current state of the economy.

In fact, according to the poll, even fewer Americans, 34 percent, approve of where the economy is.

Now, if you pay much attention to polls, you may remember that Biden’s economy got a similar rating last June when the inflation rate was at a record high.

To be clear, the inflation is not nearly what it was, a whopping nine percent. Today it sits around three percent. However, that’s still higher than it was in 2019 under Donald Trump. It means that prices are still rising on top of prices that rose astronomically last year.

As CBS noted, “It’s not just whether one has a job, but what your wages can buy you. Most workers say their pay is not keeping pace with rising prices. And even if the rate of inflation is slowing, those price hikes have clearly left their mark.”

As anyone who travels to the local grocery knows, that is true. Prices are higher than ever on everything from staples like bread and eggs to medical supplies and clothes.

And those high prices, as well as their personal finances, are exactly what people give as the reason they believe the economy is in poor shape. What used to get through the week with some left to spare barely has most covering the basics now.

According to the poll, 35 percent of those surveyed say they are falling behind financially, 52 percent say they are staying in place, and only 13 say they are “getting ahead.”

Needless to say, only a measly 29 percent of all surveyed are calling the economy “good.”

And pretty much everyone can place blame for that at Joe Biden’s feet.