Ten Illegal Alien Children Arrested in Shocking Gang Rape of a 14-Year-Old

Skyward Kick Productions / shutterstock.com
Skyward Kick Productions / shutterstock.com

A small town in Belgium is reeling in shock after a group of ten illegal alien children carried out a coordinated gang rape attack against a local 14-year-old girl. The attack happened in a wooded area near Kortrijk, West Flanders, which is near the French border. On Easter weekend, the girl’s teenage boyfriend lured her into a wooded area and sexually assaulted her with a group of his friends. So far, the police have arrested ten illegal aliens involved in the attack, ranging in age from 11 to 16.

Reports say that after the “boyfriend” raped the girl, he allowed his other nine friends to take turns abusing her as well. They filmed the vile attack with their cellphones and then posted the videos on social media. Following their arrests, six of the illegal alien kids were taken to a closed facility for minors, and the other four were placed under house arrest with their parents.

Even the lawyer for one of the suspects was shocked by the nature of the attack, telling a local newspaper, “I have never experienced this in my career.”

The illegal alien kids held the girl captive in the forest for two days, tormenting and raping her. Police say that none of the group ever urged their friends to stop.

“These are cra*py acts for which there are no words,” said Kortrijk Mayor Vincent Van Quickenborne. “I say that not only as a politician but also as a father of 3 young children.”

“I have not yet experienced such facts in my fifteen-year career,” says attorney Kelly Decaluwé, who is defending one of the vile little foreign pigs.

Can anyone help her solve the mystery? Perhaps she could start by asking herself what’s different about Belgium today compared to 15 years ago.

“These are horrible facts,” added the attorney. “The question is how it is possible that these children have lost all sense of norms.”

And therein lies the fatal flaw in the thought process of all modern neo-liberals. The foreign boys have not “lost” all sense of norms. They never had them to begin with! To paraphrase an old saying, “You can take a boy out of the Third World peasant rape culture, but you can’t take the Third World peasant rape culture out of the boy.”

This behavior is perfectly normal in the rape cultures that today’s waves of illegal aliens into white European nations (including America) are coming from. Gang raping women, young girls, and even boys is the norm in many of these countries. Good grief, open up a newspaper from India or Ghana sometime, people!

A similar case took place in Belgium three years ago in Ghent, in East Flanders. A group of 14- to 19-year-old illegal aliens gang-raped a 14-year-old white girl in a cemetery. The perpetrators filmed it and posted it on social media. The girl later committed suicide.

That attack prompted Belgium to strengthen the laws surrounding juvenile delinquency. The new law makes it possible for kids as young as 12 to be locked up for longer periods if they’re found guilty of rape or gang rape.

The good news is that this means this latest group of illegal alien child gang rapists will likely spend some amount of time locked up for their hideous crimes. The bad news is that most of the politicians in Belgium are still too cowardly to address the root of the problem. New laws to punish children for gang rape would never have been necessary in the first place if they hadn’t thrown their borders wide open and invited in the unassimilable Third World.