A Crook By Any Other Name: Biden Hides Behind Aliases in Latest Bombshell Findings 

Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.com
Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.com

It seems the well of deception is even deeper than initially thought as more potential criminal activities are revealed in the Biden corruption scandal. The latest revelation uncovers Biden communications which were hidden by aliases. 

The House oversight committee has expanded its search for Biden corruption to include communications under pseudonyms the president adopted during his vice-presidency. House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) requested documents in which a pseudonym for Vice President Joe Biden was used, either as a sender, recipient, copied or otherwise included in the contents. The three aliases of special interest are Robert Peters, Robin Ware, and JRB Ware. 

Currently, only communications between Hunter and his father’s pseudonyms have been made public following their discovery on the Hunter Biden laptop. These emails suggest that Hunter was fully aware of his father’s preparations for the 2016 meeting with Ukrainian officials.  

Email communications showed that John Flynn, aid to then-vice-president Biden, copied Hunter on ten emails in less than one month in 2016. The emails were sent using the name “Robert Peters,” and each involved Joe Biden’s schedule.  

Communications involving then-vice-president Biden’s schedule were shared with Hunter a handful of times under the alias “Robert Peters,” but each time, the dates coincided with key developments regarding Ukrainian policy. 

One email showed Hunter being copied on a message in May 2016 reminding then-vice-president Biden of a morning phone call with then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. Per the archived transcript of the call, Biden mentioned the firing of Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin, who had been actively investigating Burisma. 

Another email revealed Hunter was advised of his father’s schedule during a June 2016 meeting with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. 

Other emails revealed targeted requests from Hunter for his father to use his influence for the benefit of his son’s friends. Hunter communicated with his father’s pseudonym Robin Ware to help his friend land a coveted position as deputy counsel in 2014. The next month, Hunter’s friend John McGrail landed the job, and was later promoted to counsel.  

These latest revelations reveal cracks in the “absolute wall” Biden claims existed between his vice-presidential duties and his family’s foreign business affairs. Comer noted that ever-emerging evidence reveals that “access was wide open for his family’s influence peddling.” 

Throughout his tenure as Vice President, Joe Biden utilized several aliases. The Federal Records Act mandates that all official government activities should be conducted and documented using the individual’s true name, ensuring transparency in addressing open records inquiries. 

The use of aliases in official communications attracted considerable criticism in 2015 and 2016 when it was exposed during the scrutiny of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server. 

This practice was adopted by various personnel within the Obama Administration as a strategy to circumvent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, which were only applicable to their officially designated government email accounts. 

Obama used a pseudonym to communicate with Clinton and several others, per the FBI investigation into the Clinton email scandals in 2016. Clinton’s own emails revealed her use of aliases during her time in the White House. 

On the surface, a politician using an alias is not shocking. Politicians and White House officials from Mitt Romney to former FBI Director James Comey have done it for years, mostly to remain anonymous on social media platforms and personal communications. 

But Biden’s shocking use of pseudonyms to share sensitive information with his son and his son’s business partners adds a whole new level to the current corruption scandal. 

In June, Biden responded to questions regarding his involvement in the corruption scandals with a smirking, “Where’s the money?” The Committee has made it clear that they can show Americans where the money is, where it came from, and now, even the secret names used to facilitate financial transactions. 

Americans should be prepared. This latest bombshell revelation needs a Trump-indictment-sized distraction.