NYC Mayor Has No Clue What a Real Humanitarian Crisis Is

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Aired on August 22nd, New York City Mayor Eric Adams sat down with CBS Mornings to talk about how their “Sanctuary City” is faring in light of their virtue signaling for illegals. CBS News National Correspondent Jericka Duncan said, “Since spring of last year, New York City officials say they’ve provided shelter and care for over 100,000 asylum seekers. On Randall’s Island is where you’ll find the latest center to open, with rows of cots, a place to shower, and a dining area. Mayor Eric Adams says it’s expected to house up to 3,000 people.”

Following a clip of this statement, she asked Adams about this being a sign of the city making progress or if it was a sign of how bad the humanitarian crisis has gotten. Adams simply responded by saying, “This is not a sign of progress. This is a sign of a crisis, the greatest — I believe — humanitarian crisis the city has ever witnessed.”

Oh, what a delusional and self-important mind the mayor has.

How quickly he forgets 9/11, the massive migration around WWI and WWII, the depression, or hell, even COVID. During that crisis, there was a tremendous outpouring of support. The city was doing the right thing and taking in anyone who needed help. Native NYer or not, if you needed it and they had it, people were giving it up. It was just that easy.

During those times, the need was far greater than the need he brought on himself by allowing the city to remain a “Sanctuary City.” The weight of the implications of this decision has been tremendous and more than he or others could fathom. They thought this would be something cute they could say and never actually have to do anything with.

Unfortunately, it has turned into their bluff being called and illegals being shipped to the city by the bus and plane load. According to Adams, many of these loads have been arriving with little or no warning, and as such, he has chosen to send them off to other municipalities. They too often get little to no word of their pending arrival.

Passing the buck as Adams has done is not solving or even facing a humanitarian crisis. He hasn’t done anything to solve the problem for the illegals, the US, NYC, or even the hotels they are renting for these illegals.  As they destroy the places they get to call “home,” the homeless in the city are finding themselves unable to get assistance from the city, with so much of their resources being diverted to the illegals.

A real humanitarian crisis has external people coming in to help. Foreign aid is needed in one form or another, and typically it involves a real disaster. Floods, fire, bombings, tsunamis, separatist violence, or genocide are often involved. More specifically, in some cases, it is the exact hell some of these people escaped from.

Now, that’s not to say they need to be welcomed with open arms, citizenship, and a place to live all wrapped up with a bow. However, there are programs and things set up to ensure their freedom.

For most of these people, that was first made an option thousands of miles and rides ago. They refused that help then, and the US is under no obligation to provide it. Now they could always go through the legal channels that have long been established. It may take time, but it can happen. It can even happen in their first asylum-offering countries. Yet they still refuse to take the legal way.

Adams set forth to deliver a message that people should be free to do whatever they want and that the liberal dream in NYC should be available to all. Their signal that they wanted to be a “Sanctuary City” was like a beacon for people to praise the city. Now that someone called him out on it, he can’t handle the heat. At this point, he doesn’t even need to get out of the (Hell’s) Kitchen. He just needs to leave the who damn office.