NYC is Pushing the Mask Mandate HARD

Corona Borealis Studio /
Corona Borealis Studio /

COVID is back with a new strain – and just in time for the 2024 elections. Of course, the Democrats are pushing all of the usual protocols, including masking, booster shots, and social distancing. It’s only a matter of time before major events are canceled and we’re told to go into lockdowns.

Depending on where you live, you’ll see people wearing masks in public as though it’s the middle of 2020 all over again.

New York City is leading the pack, which shouldn’t surprise you at all. They are one of the more liberal cities, and they’ll do anything they can to advance the Democratic agenda.

The city’s health department encouraged people to mask up over the Labor Day weekend. With more people coming into the city and many gathering in large groups, the mask protocol was talked up significantly.

Nothing was compulsory. Instead, the health department said that it would be a “good idea.”

As of right now, the city isn’t talking about putting any protocols into place, but that could change at any moment.

Hospitalizations are on the rise within the city – and that includes 502 patients that had contracted COVID and had been admitted into city hospitals on August 31. Let’s be honest, though – many who were admitted with COVID had other health issues going on, too.

The rate of hospitalization is up by 5%. So, at what point is the rate too much, and the city chooses to do more than make a recommendation? No one is sharing an exact number.

Instead, the commissioner of the city’s health department, Dr. Ashwin Vasan, is saying, “As cases rise, precautions become increasingly important, especially for our most vulnerable New Yorkers who are older, disabled, or have underlying health conditions.”

He goes on to make a push for everything we have already proven doesn’t work – yet he pushes it all anyway — “Staying up to date with Covid vaccines, along with other proven prevention tools — like masking, testing, and staying home when sick — continues to be our best defense against Covid and other respiratory viruses.”

Great, COVID vaccines that can lead to death, masking that leads to suffocation and breathing in chemicals from the cloth, and testing with government testing kits that are only partially effective…

If New York City’s hospitalization rate rises much more, it’s likely that they’ll be pushing a mandatory mask mandate – and more liberal cities across the country will quickly follow suit.

You might want to start stocking up on toilet paper now…