Irish Protesters Lock Arms & Block Busloads of Foreign Invaders

mark gusev /
mark gusev /

Imagine looking at the home to the right of your house. It’s occupied by a local family of your fellow countrymen who have been there for many years. But when you look at the home to the left of your house, it’s occupied by illiterate foreign invaders who have weird customs and who don’t even speak the same language as you. That’s what every native-born citizen of the Irish village of Buncrana is going through right now. Thanks to the UN and the Irish government, the small town of about 6,000 people now has 2,000 illegal aliens who are living there and threatening the social order. The situation is so bad that local residents are starting to fight back.

Buncrana is in County Donegal, Ireland, which has been inundated with illegal aliens. Oh, and they’re supposed to pretend that these illegals are “refugees,” even though they’ve sometimes crossed dozens of other countries to arrive on the island of Ireland. As of the end of August of 2023, the Irish government and the UN have dumped 1,263 illegal aliens from Islamic and African countries in County Donegal, along with another 6,000 Ukrainians. The tiny village of Buncrana has just been flooded with them.

There were only 19 beds available in two shelters in Buncrana on October 16th, when residents of the town found out on a Facebook group that two buses carrying 66 more illegal aliens were headed to the town. Hundreds of Buncrana residents went out to greet the buses on the road. About 200 people linked arms and blocked the road and refused to allow any more illegal aliens to be dumped in their formerly nice little town.

Ireland’s Department of Integration has adopted a new policy that would be familiar to people in places like Allentown, Pennsylvania, or Twin Falls, Idaho. They simply don’t tell the locals that they’re going to be dumping new hordes of illegal alien “refugees” there all the time. This is despite the fact that the local governments are now responsible for food, housing, healthcare, school, and everything else that the illegals need.

Buncrana already has roughly 2,000 illegal aliens that have been dumped there, and require cradle-to-grave welfare. They don’t speak the language, they don’t have anything other than the most menial of job skills, and many have never seen a computer before. The government just tried to dump another 66 illegal aliens in the small town, until the residents stood up and said, “No more.”

Do you realize how many jobs are available in the village of Buncrana, Ireland, right now? Sixteen (16). All 16 require skills that none of the 2,000 illegal aliens possess, and none of the attempted 66 add-ons possess. These people offer nothing to the host communities that are forced to take them in. Yet the locals are expected to provide everything for the care and maintenance of these people as if they are all newborns. It’s destroying the social fabric there.

More than 500 young people who wanted to remain in their hometown of Buncrana and make a life there have now been forced to move away. There’s no housing left for them! It’s no longer for women and children to be unaccompanied on the streets. One local woman said Buncrana used to be a safe place where she could even walk around at night unaccompanied. Not anymore. Now you’ll get mugged, or gang raped on the streets of Buncrana.

This is what’s coming to every community in the United States as well. Unless we start to link arms and forcibly turn the hordes of illegal aliens away, George Soros, the UN, and Joe Biden are just going to keep sending them and dumping them in our communities.